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Must Have RV Accessories(35 item list)

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RV gadgets, and supplies that I recommend you have.


  1. Drinking-Water Hose

The most important RV accessory among many others is “water hose”. It is vital for you to fill the water holding tank and you will require drinking water hose. A drinking water hose is available in multiple lengths but it is ideal to get the one that is not less than 25 inches.

Moreover, you can also get 2 water hoses of 25 inches each and connect them with the help of the connector in case of need.

  1. Toilet Paper

Well, we don’t even need to explain why you need this one during your long travel adventures!

However, it is mandatory to mention here that you must use septic-safe toilet paper. You can easily find one in the local RV accessory stores., also keep in mind that some brands of toilet papers are much safe and better than others!

  1. Water Pressure Regulator

All it takes is “ONCE” for the water pressure to burst all the lines in your RV and ruin it completely. If you are not planning to spend on getting a water pressure regulator, then it is most likely that you will risk bursting the pipes and flooding your entire RV.

When it comes to RVs, don’t forget that water can the biggest enemy of your RV.

There are several cheaper water pressure regulators you can get but are not very reliable when it comes to regulating the pressure. They will only reduce the pressure but won’t be very helpful.

There are many types of water pressure regulators available out there but it is best for you to buy the one that comes with a dial as it lets you adjust the pressure manually.

  1. Land Leveler

Many people forget the fact that not all camping spots are smooth, leveled, and safe. Sometimes you might even need to adjust the spots according to your needs. That is why you need to have an RV level tool with you.

  1. RV Blender

If you are an RV owner with less storage space, then an RV blender can solve your problem. These blenders are the best addition to the small RV galley. These are highly powerful RV blenders who are capable of performing a wide range of kitchen tasks from preparing breakfast smoothies to making sauces.


  1. RV Chocks

Do you want your RV to keep rolling away while you are in the middle of your sleep? We are sure you don’t want that! So, why not arrange the perfect RV accessories designed specifically for this purpose?

RV chocks are especially important for those vehicles which don’t have an automatic braking system. Many RVs in the market don’t come with an automatic braking system. However, if your RV has an automatic braking system then you need this gadget.

  1. Walkie-Talkies

Another most commonly used RV accessory is a “Two-way radio or a “Walkie-Talkie”. It is highly helpful to keep a walkie-talkie with you and get a chance to stay in touch with your RV partners and kids during camping. I like having one to chat with hikers on trail.

  1. An Extra RV Mattress

Always keep an extra mattress with you in case of need. I suggest getting an inflatable one because I found they take up much less space.

  1. A custom RV mattress

No one likes the crap RV mattress that is mostly included in it. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even use the mattress that already comes with your RV even if it is brand-new.

  1. Power Cord (30 to 50 amp)

Many RVs do not have a power cord and if you have got the same, then you need an extra RV power cord.

  1. Band-Aids and First Aid Box

You can anticipate various kinds of accidents while camping. They can range from small ones like occasional cuts, scratches, and scrapes but can also be hazardous at times. While camping, you will also encounter various rough situations such as hiking through thorns, cactus, and bushes. cooking outdoors around campfires can also ignite the fire. Not only this but you can also expose yourself to other elements such as insect bites.

I carry the following items in my first aid kit:

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Tweezers, safety pins, scissors, and knife
  • Antiseptic ointments
  • Sterile wipes
  • Butterfly bandages
  • Eye drops
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Eye glasses
  • Anti-allergic
  • Sun-screen
  • Aloe vera
  • Superglue
  • Duct tape
  • Emergency blanket
  • Prescription medicines
  1. Disposable Gloves

As you will constantly need to dump your black and grey water, you will need disposable gloves! I bought a box of these for $5. I carry a few to keep my hands clean.

  1. Solar Device Charger

As long as you keep the right equipment with you, power is always available in your RV. It is very important to keep all your gadgets charged and save them for emergency situations. There are many good quality solar device chargers available such as “Solio Bolt Battery pack with Solar Charger”. This device acts as the most inexpensive way to keep your electrical gadgets charged as long as the sun is out.

  1. RV Tool Box

An essential accessory to have in hand is an “RV Tool Set”. A good quality toolset is highly important for traveling and camping especially if you planning to visit the places that are not populated. An RV toolbox will keep you from many major troubles down the road. I have screwdrivers, hammer, and adjustable wrench in mine and that covers most fixes.

  1. Replacement Fuses

Trust us when we say that there is nothing worse than a bad and blowing fuse in the middle of traveling.

A replacement fuse is an essential one for you to have in hand. They will save you from many troublesome situations.

  1. Tank Treatment

No one wants stinking RV. That is why a tank treatment accessory is highly recommended to keep your RV tanks from clogging.

The tank treatment also deodorizes and creates a pleasant atmosphere inside the RV. However, it is important to get a good quality holding tank treatment.




To give you a pleasant kitchen experience, we have selected the following essential items:

  1. Drink Maker

You would love to pick summers for RV camping, right? So, how would anyone love camping without a cold and slushy beverage? You can solve this problem by grabbing a corded or cordless drink-making machine. There are tons of frozen drink makers available out there that can make your summer camping experience wonderful.

Currently, the best machine available out there is highly expensive but it has the capacity of delivering around 75-80 drinks at a time and on a single charge.

So, get yourself ready for Pina Coladas and frozen slushing this summer!

  1. Meat Smoker

If you aren’t new to RV camping then you must be familiar with the role of a portable meat smoker. Grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and frying is an important component of RV camping. That is why it is important for you to keep a portable meat smoker with you during RV camping to have enough storage space for grilling.

Ideally, a portable meat smoker should measure 14 x 14 x 14 inches and should carry a weight of around 10 pounds.

I love the smell of cooking meat outside.

  1. Cookware (preferably cast iron)

Cookware is also an important part of your RV as it is vital to have versatile kitchen equipment and tools with you while camping. It is essential for you to keep cast iron pots and they are safe to use on the stove, campfire, and even in the oven. There is a risk of damage involved in using cast iron cookware.

Pro tip: don’t forget to season the skillets to preserve the non-stick exterior of pots.

  1. Water Bottles

Clean and handy water bottles will not only make your lie easier in your RV but also during camping and hiking. Water bottles might seem like a small accessory but once they are missing, you will feel the emptiness! Therefore, don’t forget to keep enough stock of plastic water bottles with you.

  1. Cutting Board

Life is better with cutting boards in your RV. It makes cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing, and preparing your food easily and comfortably. It is best to get a bamboo cutting board as it is lightweight and also much easier to clean.

  1. Can Openers

Imagine forgetting a can opener and not having anything to help with those soda bottles. You wouldn’t want such a troublesome experience while camping! So, keep yourself aware of the little things that make a huge difference. I carry one on my keychain so I do not lose it.

  1. Dish Wash Soap

Yes, you might use disposable cups and plates for your food but you won’t be cooking in one. To clean and wash your cookware, you also need a good dishwashing soap with you!

  1. Bowls, cups, plates

You will certainly want to enjoy your lunches and dinners during your camping trip so don’t forget to keep some extra bowls, plates, and cups in your RV kitchen.

  1. Paper towels and paper towel holders

Paper towels are not only a necessity in your regular life but also in your camping life. You need to have an abundance of paper towels as there might be times when you will run out of water in your RV.

it is also important to keep a good paper towel holder with you. After all, you don’t want to see your paper towel roll unraveled while your trip down the road. A paper towel holder will stop that mess from occurring.

10.Garbage bags

Why you need garbage bags in your RV doesn’t need an explanation!

11. Food storage boxes

You won’t have too much storage space in your RV unless you are the owner of a giant fifth wheel. Therefore, keeping food storage boxes is probably one of the best investments you can make to fulfill your storage needs.

12. RV Water Filter

Another very important accessory for your RV is a water filter. As you move around in your vehicle to different places, there are high chances that you will collect water from multiple sources and not just one. There is no guarantee that the water will be clean and safe to drink. That is why it is important to get an RV water filter and be on the safe side as there shouldn’t be any compromise on your health.

Just like regular filters, an RV water filter will keep your water clean by filtering the sediments and particles out of your RV water filter, thus, providing you clean and safe drinking water!

  1. Table covers

Picnic covers do not directly fall in the category of RV accessories but they are an important accessory for your picnic spots.

Picnic tables are mostly gross and dirty and it is not hygienic to eat on them without a clean table cover. Therefore, you must also keep a table cover with you for a sanitary as well as pleasant RV kitchen experience.

Moreover, don’t forget to keep clamps with you to hold down the table cover.

  1. Fire Extinguisher

Yes, they don’t look sexy but every RV should have one! There is no harm in keeping extras stashed around in the vehicle for a safer and pleasant experience. I keep one under the sink just in case.

  1. Disinfectant Liquid or Wipes

To keep yourself and your kids safe from various germs and bacteria that is way common on picnic spots, it is also important to keep disinfectant liquid, spray or wipes with you.

also keep hand sanitizers with you, and don’t forget to use them frequently while traveling and camping. Remember! Keeping yourself and those around you safe and healthy should be your first priority!

  1. Lighter and Matchboxes

Who wouldn’t need lighter or matchboxes while traveling and camping? From cooking your food to preparing the campfire, lighters and matchboxes will be there for you. I bring a bic lighter.

  1. Non-slip Cabinet Mats and Liners

These non-slip cabinet liners will help you keep your things from sliding inside the cabinets. After all, you want those wine and sauce bottles to keep sliding around while you travel. You can’t even glue them. So, all you can have is some good quality non-slip cabinet liners to avoid all the hassle while traveling.

  1. Instant Pot

Do you want to cooks meals in a jiffy while camping and traveling? Get yourself an instant pot and make your life easy for you. Although it takes a bit more space than other cooking accessories it is also a huge replacement for other accessories. Moreover, you want to stand for long hours in front of the stove when everyone is enjoying their camping. So, get this pot and spend some quality time with your family.

  1. Refrigerator Bars

This gadget is an absolute must-have in your RV kitchen. It saves your liquids and other items from spilling and falling out during travel.

An RV refrigerator bar is also helpful in keeping the contents packed and arranged to save you from rearranging every other day.

  1. Sprayer

A sprayer helps you in cleaning out your RV’s kitchen sink and helps in the removal of little bits of food particles. It is especially useful when your RV doesn’t have a pull-out sprayer of its own. Many good quality sprayers out there also come with the property of double stream that changes from a single stream to a shower stream.


  1. Ice Trays

Since RV refrigerators are small so it can be quite helpful to have silicone ice trays with you. You can place them in the RV fridge longways and save much space.

 it is also easier to remove ice from silicone trays.

What are summers without slushes and ice teas? To enjoy your camping experience and beat the heat, you also need a countertop ice maker in your RV.

Ice-maker is one of the most favorite accessories RVers love having! Although it does take up a little bit more effort if you are a lover of slushes and ice, then this trade-off is worth it.




Now comes the third and highly important category to provide you an extraordinary camping experience:

  1. Outdoor Mat

You are not going to stay in your RV always. For your camping and outdoor activities, you should keep an outdoor mat with you to keep the dirt and dust out of your vehicle.

  1. Tire Protectors

Since RVs need to spend more time outdoors as compared to regular vehicles, that is why you need to protect your RV from the #1 enemy of your tires.

To protect them, you need to buy specialized RV tire protectors or tire covers. Keep your tires covered with these protectors so that they don’t get damaged.

  1. Security Lights

Security tires are also “must-haves” for your RV. These lights will protect you when you are returning home at night. These lights are mostly available in the form of solar rechargeable batteries and don’t consume your RVs battery.

I bring a small lantern and leave in on low all night.

  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring Device

Your RV might already contain a tire pressure monitoring tool in it, but if it doesn’t have one, then you need to get it. You don’t want to ruin your investment while traveling down the road. A tire pressure monitoring device will inform you ahead of time if the tires are losing their pressure.


  1. RV Headlamp

For your camping trips, you need to have these handy RV headlamps with you. They will save you from a lot of trouble.




Now that you have gone through the essential items, its time to explore some of the comforting and luxury items. Although the following items are optional, if you want an extra-ordinary RV experience, then consider getting them as well.

  1. Dehumidifier

If you are camping in the East, then a dehumidifier is not only a luxury accessory but a need. in humid climates, a dehumidifier is necessary.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner can make your traveling easy especially if you have kids on-board!

  1. RV Shower Head

Most of the RVs out there contain poor-quality showerheads. These don’t have good pressure. Thus, if you won’t have an extra luxury RV experience, then consider getting a good quality shower head for your vehicle. Good shower heads don’t only provide water with high pressure but they are also excellent savers of water.

  1. Coaxial Cable

You will never find any coaxial cable in the campgrounds. They don’t provide such accessories. If you keen on enjoying cable TV, then you must get a coaxial cable.

  1. Camping Table and Chairs

You may also want to add a camping table to your outdoor camping setup. Moreover, you will certainly need side tables to place your food and drinks on it.

Many campgrounds don’t provide camping tables. Therefore, you should always have a substitute.

Likewise, it is also natural to sit out and enjoy nature while camping. There are tons of various kinds of cables that are available out there that you can get.

RV Accessory



Drinking-Water Hose

Toilet Paper

Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

Land Leveler

RV Blender

RV Chocks


RV Mattress

Custom RV Mattress

Power Cord

Band-Aids and First Aid Box

Disposable Gloves

Solar Device Charger

RV Tool Box

Replacement Fuses

Tank Treatment

Drink Maker

Meat Smoker


Water Bottles

Cutting Board

Can Openers

Dish Wash Soap

Bowls, cups, plates

Paper Towels

Garbage Bags

Food Storage Boxes

RV Water Filter

Table Covers

Fire Extinguisher

Disinfectant Liquid

Lighter and Matchboxes

Non-slip Cabinet Liners

Instant Pot

Refrigerator Bars


Ice Maker

Ice Trays

Outdoor Mat

Tire Protector

Security Lights

Tire Pressure Monitoring

RV Headlamp


Vacuum Cleaner

Shower Head

Coaxial Cable

Camping Table



I remember when I first started decking out my RV with accessories. It was like a rite of passage into the RV lifestyle. My 22-foot travel trailer was my pride and joy, but it needed some personal touches and functional upgrades to make it truly feel like home on the road.

The first accessory I added was a set of heavy-duty, weather-resistant RV wheel covers. They were essential for protecting the tires from UV rays and the harsh elements when parked. Each cover was designed to fit tires with diameters between 27 and 29 inches, which was perfect for my rig. Slipping them over the wheels, I felt like I was tucking my trailer in with a protective blanket.

Next on the list was a collapsible ladder, a compact 12.5-foot extendable model made from lightweight aluminum. It was perfect for reaching the top of the RV for maintenance and cleaning. The ladder could support up to 330 pounds but folded down to just a third of its height, making it easy to store in the underbelly storage compartment.

I also invested in a portable surge protector, a must-have for guarding the electrical system against unpredictable campground power surges. The one I chose was rated for 30 amps – the standard for my travel trailer – and had an easy-to-read LED display that alerted me to any wiring issues at the hookup site.

Another game-changer was the RV-specific GPS unit I mounted on the dashboard. Unlike standard car GPS units, this one allowed me to input the size and weight of my trailer, so it would only direct me along routes suitable for my setup. It featured a 7-inch touchscreen, which was large enough to see clearly without being a distraction.


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