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Can Spiders Swim or Do They Drown in Water?

Spiders cannot swim. If a small spider is flushed with water in a tub or sink, it’ll end up drowning. However, due to their low metabolic rate and consequently low oxygen consumption, spiders can take more than an hour to drown.

House spider and Brown Recluse do the poorest in water and will barely swim.

There’re a good number of spider species that can swim pretty well in water. The Dolomedes and Northern Tree Funnel- Web spider are epic water surface swimmers. Tarantulas are not that good in water, but they would never struggle as house spiders would. Most swimming spider varieties spread their legs out to spread their body’s weight and swim effortlessly in the water.

The diving bell spider is the most impressive for not only swimming but also living wholly submerged underwater.


Can spiders survive hot water?

Spiders won’t survive in very hot or boiling water. However, they can pull through warm water, such as the one in a tub. It’s inhuman to use boiling water on stray spiders in your home, so always find a way to free them outside.


Do spiders like water?

As mentioned above, spiders like water primarily for drinking purposes. However, it’s rare to find spiders living underwater. If you for, example, find a spider in a kitchen sink or bathroom tub, it got there unintentionally or was just in a drinking water searching errand.


Can spiders fly?

To fly, creatures need wings, but unluckily, spiders weren’t endowed with wings. Nonetheless, spiders can still take to the air through strands of silk.

These fascinating creatures release the strands when they want to travel through exposed points. They raise their abdomens and force out the strands, which are after that propelled by the wind. The process of spiders releasing the strands is called ballooning and they only do it when wind speed is neither too high nor too low.


Can spiders crawl up drain?

There’s a popular myth that spiders can climb up through drains. This myth is untrue as no arthropod or insect can survive the horrible conditions in drain pipes and septic.

Even if spiders found their way into the sewer system, there’s no way they could climb up a modern drain since it’s always fitted with a liquid-filled sediment trap. What more, spiders find it hard to swim upstream, especially when completely submerged.

So next time you find a spider in your bathtub, don’t think of the drain as the access point.


Can spiders live underwater?

It’s atypical for spiders to live underwater, except for one spider variety known to live entirely underwater.

The diving bell spider found in northern/central Europe and northern Asia was discovered to be a phenomenal spider variety capable of breathing underwater.

The air-breathing spider has a dome-shaped bubble that acts as air storage. Researchers believe that it performs its role more like a gill. These creatures are pretty fascinating, considering that they spend most of their life submerged. They may come out a few minutes daily to replenish their air supply but not for any other purpose.

The spider’s ability to stay still underwater for long is advantageous, though- it’s always hidden from potential prey and, most importantly, protected from predators.


Spiders, especially household ones, are thirsty creatures that will do all it takes to find drinking water. Many people on finding spiders in sinks or tubs, flush them away and they end up getting drowned in the sewer.

However, not all spider varieties will die in the process. The last section of this article shows that the diving bell spider can survive pretty well submerged in water.

All in all, before sentencing the small creature to drown, consider placing it outside with the help of an upturned glass and a postcard.