What is Victorinox Steel?

Victorinox stainless steel is the type of steel produced by the famous knife manufacturing company called Victorinox.

This company produces knives such as boning knives, carving knives, pastry knives, choppers, chef knives but what makes this company most famous is their swiss knife. Victorinox is famous for its product the swiss knife.


Victorinox is the only supplier of the multi-purpose knife to the army of Switzerland. It is considered to be the largest manufacturer of the pocket knife and swiss knives all over the world. However, they also produces a few other items in the present day like watches, travel gears, and apparel.



Victorinox Steel Properties

Victorinox produces knives of all kinds and has 1.4110 steel as their standard steel. Victorinox knives have high functionality with easy grip. They focus highly on their steel and it mainly consists of chromium but it also consists of manganese, carbon, silicon, and molybdenum. The stainless steel property is ensured by the presence of 14.8 percent of chromium.


The carbon just comes under chromium with 0.70 percent. Carbon provides the tensile strength that the knives require. And finally, manganese, molybdenum, and silicon are found in 0.70 to 1.0 percent in the knives.


Victorinox Steel History

The Victorinox knife manufacturing company was founded by Karl Elsener in the year 1884 as a workshop first in Ibach, Switzerland. From there Elsener with his colleagues started delivering knives to the Switzerland army. However, in the year 1892, all of Elsener’s colleagues and friends left the company. This was because Solingen manufacturers were able to deliver knives to the army at a very low rate.


Elsener never gave up hope and kept competing even after facing major financial crises and finally, in 1897 the Schweizer Offiziers Sportmesser was chosen which is the present-day swiss knife and was later marked as the “Original or Real Swiss Army Knife”. It was taken by the armed forces and Elsener recovered financially.



Victorinox Steel Uses

The Victorinox steel is used to make several Victorinox products like the famous swiss army knife which is a multi-purpose knife. They also manufacture the SwissCard which looks like a small business card but has a non-folding knife, file with the tip of a screwdriver, tweezers, a pin, a ball pen, and a pair of scissors.


They also manufacture various types of professional knives for cooking, with plastic and wooden handles, short, big, and wide blades, and also different varieties of knives like the pastry knife and the carving knife. They also produce kitchen cutlery under the name Forschner and Victorinox. But in 2011 they decided not to use Forschner and proceeded with Victorinox itself for their cutleries.



Victorinox was founded in 1884 which was 134 years ago and it continues to produce top-class items. Victorinox knives are famous all over the world and mainly in the culinary industry. From a beginner to a chef everyone uses Victorinox knives as it gives a smooth cut and has a great grip.

In the present day, knives are a necessity, not just at home but at other times and places as well like a camping trip. We all know that there will be at least one person who will be bringing a Swiss knife to the camping trip and it will be so helpful that by the end of the trip everyone will be borrowing that knife.


This Switzerland based company is responsible for manufacturing and supplying multi-purpose knives to the swiss army. This company uses a steel blend from France and Germany and it continues to be one of the most famous knife brands all over the world.


Victorinox has always kept its place in the game and has worked hard to provide its customers with the type and variety of knives they require and want. This brand is famous all over the world and still produces the best quality of knives which are highly durable, easy to clean, and most importantly affordable.



Carbon Steel used for Knife making:
ATS 34

Stainless steels used for knives: