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How long should a kayak anchor line be?

kayak anchor line should be about 40 ft long. The line can be 3-5 times the depth of water in which the anchor will be thrown. For example, if you will be anchoring in 10-feet of water then a 30-50-feet line will do. If, however, you will be anchoring on very choppy waters then you will benefit from having more line length.

Pick a short line and you will have trouble securely tying the line to the vessel. Pick a long one and you may fumble with all the extra rope as you lower or tie the line. So how long is the most appropriate line length? The length will depend on how much water you will be anchoring.

Generally speaking, you should go for 1/8” of anchor line diameter for each 9-feet of boat size. As for length to anchor in the water, the amount should be 8 times the depth of the water that you will be anchoring in.


What to look for in an anchor line

Type of rope

Two types of rope can be used. There is the twisted type and the braided one. The braided rope is strong and flexible compared to the twisted rope one. On the downside though, it is difficult to splice and it has limited stretch. The twisted rope can be easily spliced and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It also stretches more than the braided one. On the downside though, a twisted rope is stiffer thus making it more likely to bend.

Of the two, double-braided nylon or three-strand nylon will do for most anchoring needs.


Material used

With kayak fishing, most anchor lines will do just fine. However, nylon carries the day compared to most. This is because it provides good shock absorption thanks to its elasticity. Besides, it provides good strength and is light and flexible. It will also have no trouble sinking in the water. On the downside though, nylon tends to break down faster than other ropes meaning that you will have to replace it over time.

Other rope materials that may be used are polypropylene and polyester.


Breaking Strength

The anchor you buy will determine the breaking strength you should look out for in a line. The breaking strength refers to the amount of weight a given line will be able to hold before it snaps and breaks.

Boat Size

The length of the line you get will be determined by your kayak size. Small kayaks call for less line length.

What else do I need?

In addition to rope or line, you need a small chain to attach between the anchor and the rope. Ideally, the chain should be half the size of the rope. A chain is also essential if you will be kayaking in rocky bottom areas. The chain length can be at least 3-feet long to your anchor. Apart from keeping

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