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Do you need an anchor for kayak fishing?

You need an anchor for kayak fishing to keep you in same spot. If you want to enjoy your experience on unstable waters then you need an anchor.

An anchor helps you stay adrift in a given spot as you go about trying to catch some fish. An anchor is essential if you will be taking your kayak where there may be a current or wave, however small it may be. If you don’t, you will most likely spend precious fishing time paddling just so you can maintain your position.

Don’t go buying just about any anchor however as there is a few things to consider before zeroing in on one. You need to pay attention to the type of kayak you will be using.

Is it an inflatable or non-inflatable? If it is an inflatable then you don’t need a heavy anchor. The average anchor weight for kayaks is between 1.5 and 3-pounds. Kayaks being small vessels don’t need plenty of anchor weight.

Things to look out for when using an anchor

There are different types of anchors on the market suitable for kayaks. Examples include the mushroom anchors, grappling anchors, and the craw anchors.

You need a line to throw the anchor into the water. How much line should you take on your fishing trip? Typical kayak anchor lines measure around 30-40 feet since rarely do kayakers venture out to waters beyond 10-30 feet.

Ideally, the line you carry should be long enough to be lowered into the water while leaving plenty of line to securely tie it off. There is an art to lowering an anchor, simply throwing it and hoping for the best will not do. You need to position yourself on the kayak and slowly lower the line until you feel the anchor grab or hit the bottom.

There are specific places to put your anchor. You may put it at the front of the kayak, at its nose. This option is great if you wish to fish to the left or right of the line. Be careful though not to throw your fishing line near the anchor line as the caught fish may get entangled and cause unnecessary trouble!

The other spot you can tie your anchor line is at the back of your kayak. Tying the anchor line at the back is considered the best for most kayak fishers as it allows you to fish in three positions: the left, right, or center.

When you are done fishing, don’t be in a rush to retrieve the anchor as this can be dangerous. You need to carefully retrieve it to avoid overturning the kayak!

Should you buy an anchor?

The only kayakers who may not benefit from having an anchor are those who intend on fishing on very calm, still water. Otherwise, if you wish to enjoy a good fishing experience then you should consider buying an appropriate anchor.

It is a perfect companion if you venture into unstable waters. It can be a wonderful accessory to have if you are going into waters that are affected by unstable waves, current, or winds.

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