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How Much Does RV Camping Cost Per Night(27 examples)

It costs about $47 per night to camp at a RV park. It varies from $20-$120 depending on area and time of year. These numbers are based on my sample of 27 sites in the US, here is the data that I compiled:


RV Park Cost Per Night
Austin RV Park North $60
Beaver Dam Campground $41
Branches of Niagara $77
Cottonwood Creek RV Park $45
Cranes Mill Park Canyon Lake Texas $30
Creek Hollow Rv Park $33
Cherry Creek State Park $28
Countryside RV Park $55
Country acres camping $37
Deer Creek Valley RV Park $45
Orlando/Kissimmee KOA $46
Mccloud RV park $51
Liberty Harbor RV $120
Haines Hitch Up RV Park $45
Hidden Creek RV Resort $52
Hwy 71 RV Park $30
Grand Canyon Railway RV Park $46
Catherine’s Landing $60
Jackson Rancheria RV Park $60
Delaware Seashore State Park $45
Grassy Pond FamCamp $30
Farragut State Park $38
Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park $20
Trails rv park $47
Twin Oaks RV Park $40
Wonderland RV Park — Capitol Reef National Park $40
Vacationer RV Park — El Cajon, California $49
Average Cost Per Night: $47

I highlighted the low and high costing places.

There are many factors that affect rates such as utilities, area, views, number of people,  and time of year.

Compare cost to a hotel.

You can learn more about RVs here.

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