Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Costco Company sells car batteries but they do not install them.

They carry Interstate car batteries for RVs and cars, as well as particular machines such as lawnmowers – they do not offer installation services.

Typically, the only service offered at Costco besides fuel is tire amenities. Nonetheless, most individuals can do the replacement by themselves. The procedure is very easy and only needs basic equipment. In many cases, you can get instructions from the car owner’s manual document.

Further, Costco will retain your old car battery. When you buy their batteries, they will charge you a refundable fee. Leaving your old battery to them and giving them a chance to trash or recycle it appropriately allows you to get the amount back.


The Costco Automobile program

If you need installation services from an expert, the Costco Automobile Program might be all you need. It is a network of active service stations that give members an extraordinary discount, letting you save about fifteen percent (up to five hundred dollars per visit) on eligible services and parts.

Basically, it is a convenient search tool that allows you to get service stations that honor the Costco Automobile facilities coupon. However, Costco does not run those specific service stations. Rather, the service stations are program affiliates, possessed and ran by a 3rd party.

You can access an array of services via the Costco Automobile Program, such as:

• Mileage Milestone maintenance

• Cooling and heating

• Brakes

• Alignments

• Vehicle Technology installation

Does Costco charge for car battery installation?

Costco does not provide installation or replacement services. They can only direct you to the best service station to handle your car battery installation needs. Therefore, the only charge involved is the 15-dollar fee which is refundable when you give them the old Costco battery.

Advantages of Costco Membership

The savings on buying their tires alone might well offset their membership fee immediately.

• Cheap gas and fuel: Costco warehouses sell gasoline and fuel at relatively lower prices than their competitors. Actually, in many states, the members get in gas and fuel charges will more than counterbalance the yearly membership fee.

• Car gadgets and accessories: Costco members can obtain incredible deals on products ranging from wiper blades to wax kits to bike racks to dashboard cameras. The shop also offers emergency kits, car and truck batteries, and motor oil, among others. Most of the accessories can be purchased online, but the large items are only available in the Costco warehouses.

• Cheap tires: most Costco shops have tire stations next to the warehouse store, and Costco tires are significantly cost-effective than those purchased from other retailers.

• Discounted rental vehicles: Costco associates with several national rental-vehicle chains provide members with an amazing discount on vehicles hired via Costco Travel. Further, Costco Travel deals with cruises, hotels, and flights.

What are the battery costs?

Costco batteries are priced based on their type and size. Currently, the price ranges of these excellent batteries are between fifty dollars to one hundred dollars according to the type and size of battery you want to buy. There is also a fifteen-dollar-core refundable fee when you give them your old car battery.

They are a great place to get a battery but will not install for you. You can do yourself or go to a full service auto repair shop.