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What are the best kayak accessories?

There are plenty of kayak accessories on the market. Not all of them will suit your kayaking needs but you can find something that will. Being able to personalize your kayak will enable you to have more enjoyable kayaking experience.


Let’s have a look at the best kayak accessories:

A waterproof heavy-duty bag

You will need a waterproof heavy-duty bag if you wish to keep your stored items dry as you paddle.


You can’t go kayaking minus paddles! There are different paddles on the market sorted by blade design, the material used, paddle length, and shaft design. As such, you need to search for the ones that suit your needs.

Solar charger

Unless you are off paddling to get away from the world for a while, you may need to add a solar charge among your accessories. The charger helps keep your devices operational as you paddle.

Life Jacket

You can never know what awaits you on the water as you paddle. Your kayak may capsize or get punctured. A life jacket is an essential accessory to carry along and required by law in some places!

Trolley carrier

Unless you have an inflatable kayak, you may want to consider buying a trolley carrier. This way, you don’t damage your kayak as you transport it to the water.

Bilge pump

You will appreciate having a bilge pump at hand when you are out on the water and your kayak starts filling up with water!

Universal scupper plugs

If your kayak has an allowance for them, you need to have scupper plugs for the vessel and a few to spare as you paddle.

GPS Navigator or GPS Watch

As you navigate the waters, a GPS watch comes in handy to know what time it is and know where you are. Alternatively, you can have a GPS navigation device


The most common anchor among kayaks is the folding anchor. It is lightweight and easy to use. It is great for keeping your vessel in one place as you have lunch, enjoy the view or fish.

Storage sling

A good quality storage sling will enable you to safely store your kayak on the wall or hanging on the roof.

Rod Holder

For the fishers, if your kayak doesn’t come with it and it is possible to install, you might want to consider having a rod holder.

Paddle leash set

The last thing you need as you enjoy your paddling is to have your paddles float away from you! A paddle leash set lets you hold onto your paddle or fishing rods while on the water.

Floating cooler

If you don’t have a lot of storage space but wish to enjoy a cool drink or two while on the water then a floating cooler can come in handy.

Safety kit

You can choose what to add in your safety kit. You can add a whistle, kayak light, rope, a paddle float, or sponge among others.

Kayak rudder

If you know you will be venturing into choppy waters then you may want to install a kayak rudder to improve steering.

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