How do you keep an RV cool without air conditioning

There are ways to keep the RV cool without air conditioning. You can use LED lights, add window shields, ventilate, set traps, and park in shade.

Worried about how you and the RV would survive this stringing summer heat without an AC installed in the vehicle? Don’t stress because we have got you covered. While having an air conditioner in the camper is somewhat imperative but under no circumstances is it indispensable. In the section below, we will be delineating a few tips that will help you keep the RV cool sans air conditioning.

  • Use LED lights

As all of you will know it for a fact that halogen lamps and OEMs consume more power and consequently, emit more heat than the other varieties of lights available in the market. Keep the lights switched on for a few minutes and you will sense the air around you warming up. Therefore, to ensure that you are doing your best to reduce the heat emanated by the lights inside the RV, switch to LEDs.

  • Be mindful about the parking

Parking the RV in the right direction can make a lot of difference in terms of regulating the temperature inside the vehicle. Preferably, set up the RV beside a shady tree to protect it from the direct rays of the sun. If there’s no way in which you can avoid the sun, orient it in a way so that the side that has the least number of windows, is facing the sun. Nonetheless, bear in mind that you should not park the camper right under huge trees because, in case of an unforeseen storm, the RV is likely to be damaged.

  • Shield the windows

Glass windows tend to absorb a lot of heat even when the temperature outside is not as agonizing as it seems on the inside. Double-paned windows or those that are slightly tinted can efficaciously curb the intensity of the heat but, after a certain point of time, the interior temperature will become unbearable. Thus, to evade this problem, cover the windows with reflective bubble products or black screens, or just simply lower the shades.

  • Allow ventilation

Allowing proper ventilation in your RV is a must. To make certain that the cool air from outside is constantly flowing in, the hot air must be replaced. After parking the RV under a shade, gauge the safety of its surroundings, and open the windows. We are not suggesting to unfasten windows when it is burning outside because that would do just the opposite of you are aiming at. Close the windows on the side that is receiving direct sunlight and keep it open on the opposite side.

  • Have traps in your RV

Even if you don’t need them, it is always wise to have traps inside the RV. You can have them hanging on one of the nearby trees and protect the side that is inexorably receiving the sunlight. With this, you will be able to achieve two things; a) the number of insects frequenting your RV will be reduced, and b) there will be an additional screen curtailing the distressing force of the sunrays.