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Is it illegal to dump grey water on the ground?

When it comes to whether or not dumping grey water on the ground is legal, there cannot be one simple, straightforward answer. It is so because the laws regulating the discarding of filthy water from a camper is different in different states. Although clearing off the wastewater can still be permitted in some areas of the country, dumping it in any national park is strictly prohibited.

If statistics are to be believed, about nine billion people in the United States alone own RVs and most of a majority of them, capitalize on it for recreational purposes. Even if we leave out the population that uses the RV solely for work, each owner spends around four to six weeks traveling in the RV. For those of you who might not know, on average, each person uses about 30-35 gallons of water inside the RV. This implies that every day, even if just one person is riding the camper, 30 gallons of greywater is being disposed of and the tank is replenished by the same quantity of freshwater.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to guess that if the dumping is not controlled, the greywater can cause problems for both RV users and non-users alike.

The reason why there are decrees that concern grey water dumping is that it can turn out to be extremely hazardous for the environment. It is naturally understood that the water that contains specks of food, chemical detergents, and other substances used by humans can make way for stingy odor and attract insects towards the area it has been dumped on thereby, elevating the chances of causing diseases to humans and as well as animals.

Additionally, traces of soaps and paints can seriously hamper the growth of plants and ruin the quality of the soil. As long as the amount of greywater dumped on land doesn’t exceed the prescribed limit, it can be rendered as safe. However, if the greywater happens to enter streams and groundwater, it can open doors to a string of irrevocable issues.

Owing to the above-mentioned risks, RV users are time and again requested to dump the grey water only in the specified sites. The authorities have gone on record and revealed that dumping holding tanks into toilets too, is as illegal as removing it into the streams and grounds. If you are found violating the regulations, you can be charged up to $1,000 along with a warning from the officer in charge; granting the severity of the penalties varies from one state to another.

Nonetheless, you need to know that you can dump the greywater in your home’s septic tank but, that should be done in a limit to ensure that you are not spoiling your own tank. Just to confirm that you are dumping the water safely, do not any chemical in the septic tank as it could ruin the entire system.

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