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How Do RV Showers Work?

A RV shower works like this: Water from rv tank passed thru heat then comes out shower head and drains into the grey water tank. So you have limited capacity of a few days or so unless you are on hookups.

If you ask a frequent traveller about why they love to invest in an RV, the first most answer they will give is the ‘home-like comfort’. The feeling of sleeping in a comfy bed after a long hour hiking tour is truly incredible. You can avoid using public toilets while using your personal shower within the RV.

Whether you have a motor home, travel trailer or fifth wheel, RV works like a home when you are travelling away from home. You can cherish the adventure of long journeys while feeling comfortable all the time. If you are able to access an RV park with reliable shower facilities, you can enhance the usability of these vehicles.

Some of you might be curious to know more about how RV showers work.

Working of an RV Shower System:

Some of you may get worried while thinking about the size of the shower at RV. Well, there is no doubt to say that it is small, but it is fit for the average needs.

Actually, the true fact is that showers at our home have grown bigger than our actual requirements. But the RV showers are of the right size.

While taking a shower in the RV, you should first think about the efficiency of this system. In fact, you have to be more careful about every drop of water that you use while moving on the road.

Make sure you have proper details about how much water can be stored in the fresh water tank and the grey water tank. The decision regarding water usage must be made accordingly.

Generally, the water tanks in the RVs use to be somewhere around 4 to 6 gallons. Some RVs also have a specially designed water heater that can provide easy access to hot water.

The water from RV shower must be used more carefully and make sure you turn it off properly when not in use.

There is no doubt to say that RV shower gives you great flexibility while moving outdoors. You can take a shower at any hour of the day with ease.

But make sure your shower system is loaded with the best tools. The first most attention must be given to the showerhead of your RV shower. Make sure you have installed one that is designed to dispense a lesser amount of water.

It is better to check the user reviews before buying any random shower head for your RV.

Other than this, your RV shower must include shut off valve. It may help you stop water flow without requiring any special adjustment for temperature. Furthermore, in order to bring more light to your shower, you should consider installing skylights on the ceiling of your RV shower.

Make sure you clean your RV shower time to time while ensuring higher efficiency for the shower. Also, maintain adequate airflow to your shower so that moisture like issues can be avoided.

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