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How Much Energy do Solar Power Generators Give You?

How much energy a solar power generator varies from .1 kWh to 3 kWh. The amount depends upon the capacity of its battery. The level of charging in the battery and the power drawn by the connected appliances make a considerable difference in its performance.

Once you know your specific power requirements, it is possible to find a portable solar power system with the required capacity. The heavy-duty devices need a large solar power system; however, the smaller ones such as mobile phones can be charged multiple times by using small solar power battery.

How much power can a solar generator give you?

When we talk about fuel-powered generators, their expected run time is already mentioned in the product description. However, in the case of solar generators, this information is not provided directly. In order to know how long these generators can run, one needs to understand the battery capacity and the load requirements. Same as fuel-powered generators, when connected appliances draw more power, the battery may drain faster.

The solar generator power is usually calculated in watts, and the overall capacity is rated in amp-hours or watt-hours. Higher figures mean more powerful generator. However, we cannot say that a powerful solar generator can translate to comparatively longer runtime because it is greatly dependent on load. Considering all these factors, the buyers need to be more careful while choosing the right size of generator to meet their requirements.

Calculating power that you need from a solar generator:

While calculating the overall runtime of your solar generator, it is first important to prepare the list of electrical devices that you need to run over it. Write down their wattage along with the estimated number of hours for which you need to run them.

In case if the wattage rating is missing on a certain device, it can be calculated from given amps by using formula Watts = volts X amps. Then you may need to calculate total running hours and total wattage as well. Simply multiply total running hours by wattage, and it will help you know the estimated battery capacity that you need to fulfil your electrical requirements.

The owners need to calculate the power needed by their electrical devices before buying a new portable generator.

It is important to know that few solar power generators are capable enough to charge when their battery is also in use by some connected electrical devices. If you plan to install such type of generators, it means even a lower capacity battery may also serve your needs well.

Make sure you check the rating and capacity of the system more carefully so that it can ensure beneficial returns in the long run. Other than this, also check the recharge time of the battery so that you can rely on its performance.

The beginners can also take help from experts to get a better idea about battery capacity and rating of a solar generator. It can help you ensure better returns on your investment.

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