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What Size of Generator for Camping Provide Enough Power?

Now, the biggest question in every mind must be regarding what size of camping generator will be best to serve their needs.

If you need a generator for camping and just to keep your smartphone, tablet and laptop working, an inverter with 2000W rating will be enough. However, if you are looking for high-end users such as running AC in the RV or to use your coffee pot as a camping stove, it is important to invest in a 3000W version or more. In short, the best answer to your question depends on your usage at the campsite.

Camping can be one of the most peaceful gateways in the summer as well as winter season. When you really need to reset your mind or wish to spend some quality time with your family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, camping can be the perfect solution.

However, while moving out for a campsite, one needs to be more careful about carrying all essential items. One of the most important thing for hour camping tour is generator as it can help you keep your appliances running while spending time in woods. This powerhouse works as a perfect solution to make your trip more enjoyable and full of comfort.

Market these days is loaded with quieter versions of camping generators. However, there are a few important aspects that you need to check before buying your generator. Here we have listed a few features that demand your closer attention:

Weight of the generator:

The lighter side of the generator is more preferred for quiet operation. Note that here the term dry weight indicates the weight of the generator when there is no fuel in the tank. Hence, when you are considering a lightweight model, it is important to add additional pounds depending upon fuel tank size.

Run-time of the generator:

The generator runtime refers to the total time for which generator runs before requiring refilling of the fuel tank. It is generally defined in terms of fuel tank size, efficiency and load capacity. Manufacturers usually offer a runtime of 25%, 50% and 90%. Note that the performance may usually move up and down based on the load size.

Power output of the generator:

The inverter generators are usually designed with the maximum power rating of 1000 to 3000W. The higher wattage models are more suitable for TVs, ACs and fans. Most of the manufacturers list wattage with two numbers where one number indicate power capability of the generator when it is operated at half load, whereas others indicate power rating with 90-100% power load.

Noise level of the generator:

This is a little difficult to determine as manufacturers do not provide adequate details on this factor. In general, when you need a generator specifically for camping purpose, it is important to look for a rating somewhere between 50-68 decibels. The noise performance is also highly dependent on the load level of the generator. Usually, the generator is quietest when it is running at 25-50% load capacity.

Considering all these aspects, you can easily pick a camping generator that can generate enough power to serve your needs.

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