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Pros and Cons of a Solar Generator

The pros for solar generator are free natural energy, lower maintenance, and quiet clean run. The cons are limited power, costs, and time to recharge.

Gone are the days when solar systems were used just for rooftops, the advancements in technology have now presented portable versions of solar products. Solar generators are better defined as a backup power source that can help users run their appliances when grid turns off.

As the name indicates, solar generators are powered by the sun. However, in most cases, they are portable units that are used with specialized batteries attached to them. Although the portable solar-powered generators are not always a reliable solution for a big property, they can be widely used for RVs and boats or to manage emergency backup needs as well.

Pros of solar generators:

There are so many benefits of owning a solar generator as compared to the traditional fossil fuel systems. Few of them are listed below:

  • Free natural energy

Using generators that run from fossil fuel leads to a huge investment in raw materials, whereas getting power from solar generators means you are harnessing energy from the sun for free. The best part is that it is possible to use this energy for the lifetime of your installed solar panels which is somewhere between 25 to 35 years.

  • Lesser maintenance requirements:

The solar generators do not have any moving parts, and they don’t even need any liquid fuel. Hence, their lifetime gets significantly increased, and owners need not spend more on repairs.

  • Quiet and clean operators:

One of the biggest benefits of choosing solar-powered generators over traditional fuel-based systems is their environmentally friendly operation. The fossil fuel-based system causes more harm to the environment and is the main contributor to negative changes in the global environment. Hence, it is better to go ahead with solar systems.

Cons of solar generators:

Well, like most other systems, Solar powered generators are also loaded with few flaws. Here we have highlighted a few of them:

  • Limited power supply:

Although solar-powered generators can help you run your essential appliances, they are not suitable to power the entire house. You can expect running your smartphones, tablets and other small electronic devices, but it is not possible to run refrigerator, fridge and entire lighting system.

  • Higher upfront cost:

There is no doubt to say that the operating cost of solar generators is almost the same as fossil fuel-based systems, but the installation cost may be comparatively higher. So, if you are planning to get one, it is important to be prepared to invest more.

  • Slow recharging:

It is not possible to get instant power from solar setup; they take a longer time to recharge the battery. Hence, they are better rated as temporary solutions or can be suitable to meet some emergency needs only.

Now, as you have gone through the pros and cons of solar power generators, it is good to find a reliable solution based on your needs. You can check the rating and storage capacity of solar generators in advance to make the best selection for installation.

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