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5 Best Fishing Kayaks

The best fishing kayaks are Hobie Pro Angler, Native Watercraft Slayer, and 3 other Hobie models described below. They all have high weight capacity, tiedowns, rod holders, and many can take a motor.

It is necessary to choose smartly when buying a fishing kayak for your first kayaking adventure with fishing. You need to consider things like what features the kayak comes with, what bodies of water it is suitable for, and whether it is stable enough or not.

Things like how much speed the kayak has and whether it can save your money and time as a fisherman are important too. You also need to consider what weather you will be fishing in as some kayaks are more weather resistant as compared to others and how long your trip will be.

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11

This is a lightweight fishing kayak. Being lightweight it is aster and can save time. It weighs 64 pounds and is almost 11 feet long. It has an attractive sleek design. The kayak comes with a standard paddle so if you do not feel like pedaling and your hands are not required for other activities then you can start paddling instead. It can easily be transported on the roof of a car as it is lightweight. It features two rod holders and bungee tie-downs to accommodate your fishing gear.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13

When it comes to pedal kayaks designed for fishing, this craft is definitely the first pick. It not only offers perfect stability that allows you to stand up and cast but also can maintain the perfect casting distance. You can travel up to 4.2 mph in this kayak. It is quite large and can hold up to 400 lbs of weight. This makes it ideal for anglers who are overweight because of it. It also comes with a storage hatch and has a durable stem rudder.

Hobie Pro Angler 12

This kayak will save you a lot of money because of its small size. It can easily fit in the back of your pickup truck and you will not have to buy another trailer to transport it. It can hold weight up to 500 lbs and is ideal for professional anglers. It comes with a sail mount, anchor trolley, dual steering, and a skeg as well. It has a lot of storage space so it is a good choice for longer trips.

Hobie Sport Pedal Kayak

This kayak is a lightweight compact kayak with a length of 9 feet and a weight of 61 pounds. If you want a lightweight, short kayak then this kayak is the perfect fishing kayak for you. It can hold up to 225 lbs. It comes with an optional paddle. For storage, it has a seal-hatch that you can use to store valuable items. It has a rear cargo which can be used for extra storage. The rear cargo also has bungee tie-downs. You can easily strap all your fishing gear to these bungee tie-downs.

Hobie Mirage Revolution 13

The Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 is quite similar to the Hobie Mirage Revolution 11. But there are some things that sets this vessel apart from the other craft. It has two feet of extra space. It is considered as one of the best pedal kayaks because of its ability to carry almost 350 pounds when it weighs only 70 pounds itself.

You can add a sail to it or even an electric motor kit if you want. That will make it move faster in the water. It also comes with a rear cargo and bungee tie-downs that can help in accommodating all your fishing gear. It has comfortable and adjustable seating and features two rod holders.

Being quite lightweight, it can easily be transported using your car. It is made for open waters and is not suitable for kayaking in rivers or lakes as it can not make tight turns.

Kayaking has made a lot of progress over the years and has evolved to a great degree. You can have many kinds of fun and interesting experiences with various activities as long as you have the right kayak in your possession.

Fishing kayaks have become very popular because they are environment friendly, not as costly as a motorboat, have a stealthy and quiet approach to fish, and have health benefits. make sure your kayak is suitable for fishing and you have the right gear before heading out on your next fishing trip.

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