Can an Overweight Person Kayak?

An overweight person can kayak using larger size equipment with back support. Kayaking is a great workout yet easier than running making it a great activity for people up to 750 lbs.

Kayaking is a sport for all ages and people from all walks of life enjoy it. People love kayaking as it brings them closer to nature and helps them have a good time with friends. It also helps them get relief from stress and anxiety.

Whether you want to relax on a sunny day out on the ocean or you are an angler driving your kayak looking for the best fish, kayaking will provide you with the best experience out in the water.

However, most overweight people miss out on kayaking as they think that the kayaks can not support their weight and kayaking is a sport that only the physically fit can enjoy. This article proves this belief wrong by discussing the many reasons that kayaking is just as possible for overweight people as for other able-bodied, athletic people. It also tells the necessary steps and measures needed to be taken by large people while kayaking so that they can enjoy their kayaking experience to the fullest.

Maintaining the balance

For a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience, the even distribution of weight on the vessel is very important. If there is a lot of weight on one side of the kayak and little to none on the other side, the kayak will get filled with water and can ultimately sink. If the kayak is heavier on one side, there is a danger of it tipping over.

This can be a huge problem for fat people as they lack the upper body strength needed to support themselves if the kayak tips over and it is hard for them to swim or get back onto the kayak. Therefore, whenever a larger person is going to kayak it is advised that they sit in the back as it is better that more weight is carried by the stern of the kayak. Weight can be evenly distributed on the other side by the leaner kayaker sitting in the front. Luggage and provisions also make up for the weight required to create a well-balanced ride.

Weight limit under 750 lbs

Most overweight people have the false belief that they can not kayak because they are introduced to kayaking in a kayak that can not hold their weight and is too small for them. Some kayaks are designed for overweight people having weight limits of up to 750 lbs. Therefore, choosing a larger kayak with a weight limit that can easily handle your weight is necessary for starting your kayaking journey if you are overweight.

Sufficient back support

Larger people need a kayak that is comfortable and offers sufficient back support. Kayaks nowadays, are designed with adjustable seating. Kayaks come with backrests that can be strapped onto the seating area of kayaks so that larger people can lean back on them and have an enjoyable paddling experience offering them the support needed.

Ensure your safety

If you are an overweight person setting out on your kayaking journey, make sure you have a safe one by always keeping a life jacket. It is best to have some company of friends while kayaking so that they can help you in loading or lifting your boat or assist you if you need help getting in or out of your kayak.

Larger people are advised to start kayaking using pedal kayaks as they require less effort and operate using leg muscles. This means that hardly any upper body strength is needed which is a plus point for heavier paddlers. Keep a water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated.

A great workout

Kayaking is more about technique and experience than it is about weight and strength and surprisingly there are many overweight expert paddlers. Kayaking proves to be a great workout. The resistance of water gets those biceps and triceps moving, going a great arm workout and increasing upper body strength. Pedaling proves to be a great exercise for legs. Kayaking, therefore, helps larger people to burn extra calories and eventually achieve ideal body weight.

There is no reason for you to miss out on kayaking and the great experiences it has to offer just because of your body weight. Larger kayak models that can support more weight and can provide sufficient support make kayaking possible today even for larger people. Lastly, do not pay attention to what others might think. Enjoy yourself and do not let your weight hold you back from having an adventure out on a kayak.