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Can I Wear a Swimsuit to Kayak?

You can wear a swimsuit kayaking. The main thing to consider is water and air temperature. Wear one made of synthetics to keep you warm.

Kayaking is not just paddling in the water, it is a blend of a healthy workout, astonishing sightseeing, and an adventure ride. So what should you wear while kayaking? Well, the best option is to wear a swimsuit.

If you are going for kayaking, then don’t expect yourself to be completely dry when you get out of the kayak. Water may fall on you or your kayak might tip over while kayaking if you are a newbie in it. So, you should be ready for any type of situation kayaking throws at you.

Below are some guidelines to properly dress for kayaking.


1. What are the climate conditions?

What you have to wear for kayaking depends upon where you are going to kayak. There are different dress codes for different climates. Warmer weather conditions require light suits to help your body maintain a moderate temperature while in colder conditions, it is wiser to wear a full swimsuit to keep your body warm.

2. Wear Wet Suit

A wet suit may be uneasy for some people due to its tightness but is the only thing between you and the cold if you are in a colder climate. Either a wetsuit or a drysuit is a safe choice for kayaking. Both are designed to keep you warm in the water. Wear a drysuit over a base layer of long underwear and a middle layer of fleece. A wetsuit should be worn directly against the skin, and you can top it with a warm jacket. Bring extra warm tops in case one gets wet.

3. In-Water Temperature

It doesn’t matter if you are under a 36-degree celsius sun, the water temperature will always be way lower for your body. Especially for long hours of kayaking, it can cause you cold if you don’t protect yourself properly.

4. Wear Synthetic Material

Your common swimming shorts may be helpful for a 15-minute dive in a swimming pool but not for kayaking. When you are kayaking on a large water body, especially for long hours, you will feel cold. It is wiser to wear a synthetic material full swimsuit for kayaking to ensure your body maintains it’s warmth. Wear thin layers of insulating synthetic fiber on the upper body and for the bottom, wear moisture-wicking items. You might want another layer of insulating fabric to protect you from cold such as a warm jacket made of windbreaker material.

5. Don’t Wear Cotton

Planning to kayak for long hours? It is probably in your best interest not to wear cotton as it sucks up more water very quickly and dries at a slow pace meaning when out of the water, you will stay wet for a long time. Moreover, if your cotton wearables get wet while you are in the water, they will give you a tough time paddling your kayak as you will be carrying the additional weight of the wet cotton. So, refrain from wearing anything cotton while kayaking.

6. Don’t Wear Bulky Tops

If you are on a kayaking tour, your private kayaking company might require that you wear a life jacket to kayak. Since the life jacket will already be an additional weight for you, don’t wear any bulky top for kayaking as you won’t be able to get far from the shore due to the weight you carry.

7. Comfortable Suit

Kayaking is not just a simple adventure ride, it requires a lot of effort to propel your kayak forward. Kayaking is similar to a complete cardiovascular workout. If you are new to kayaking, you should probably wear a comfortable swimsuit for it since you will be doing a lot of exertion while paddling your kayak in the water. Your suit will comfort you while extending and contracting your arms when you paddle.

8. Wear Smart Gears

Even in cold climates, the glare of the sun hits hard on open water and can cause visibility issues. To avoid this, wear sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from sun glare. Moreover, wear warm synthetic gloves on cold days.

Kayaking can be a wonderful experience of adventure with a taste of healthy workout. But you cannot expect not to get wet while kayaking because no matter how better you kayak, you are still in the water. So, wearing a proper synthetic swimsuit for kayaking is a wise decision.

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