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Who makes the best pedal kayaks?

The best kayak pedals are made by 11 brands listed below. They each are high quality with slight differences like design and cost.

The hardest part of buying a pedal kayak that will be perfect for you is researching the many brands that make pedal kayaks and finding the right one. After finding the right place to get your pedal kayak the only thing you need to do is find the kayak that suits your needs the best. You need to know what purpose you are buying the kayak for.

What type of pedal kayak you want and what features you are looking for in it. This article makes the difficult job of

finding the right place to get a pedal kayak easier for you by telling who makes the best pedal kayaks.

Vibe kayaks

If you want to enjoy summertime, get wet, and have fun while being in your favorite pedal kayak and also getting the perfect kayaking experience then Vibe kayak is the right choice for you. They make perfect pedal kayaks and offer features that greatly increase their efficiency.

Austin Kayak

Founded over 20 years ago in Central Texas, Austin Kayak specializes in paddle sports and outdoor adventures. They have a big online presence and over 300 kayaks to choose from and almost 3500 kayaking accessories.

Colorado Kayak

They are one of the top retailers of paddle sports in the online world. They are found in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where they have a retail store. You can visit it to see and touch all the pretty pedal kayaks and other paddle sports gear yourself. They have a warehouse which they use to ship online orders from.

Wilderness Systems

The ideal place to get the best pedal kayak, Wilderness Systems was founded in 1986 and make some of the best kayaks. The proof of it is that they even won awards for it. They have set the perfect standard for the most ideal kayak.

Lifetime Kayaks

Based in Utah, this multi-sports brand has a wide array of pedal, fishing, and touring kayaks. It is a stable and affordable brand. If you are new to kayaking then it would be the perfect choice for you. Because this place is great for beginners.

Ocean Kayaks

Ocean kayak is on its road to growth and innovation after being brought by Johnson Outdoors. It is a good place to get a pedal kayak from because they make high-quality, durable kayaks that are worth the cost.


Perception deserves to be on this list as according to them they have introduced more people to kayaking than any other kayak makers. They have been making the best pedal kayaks for more than forty years. They have stayed true to their roots and are able to give the perfect kayaking experience through wonderfully designed kayaks.


Pelican Kayaks is one of the most reliable, innovative, and affordable kayak manufacturing brand out there. They are popular for their thermoform kayaks and high- quality pedal kayaks that they have been making for over more than 40 years. If you start your kayaking journey with a Pelican kayak, then little could go wrong from there. Chances are it will only get better.


Eddyline is the perfect place to get your choice of a pedal drive kayak because not only do they create some of the best kayaks but they also give you the chance to test them right there. They have plenty of bays close to them where you can test their kayaks and choose one that suits you the best.

Old Town

Old town was known earlier as the “Cadillac” of canoes however, it later morphed itself into a maker of kayaks after it was bought by Johnson Outdoors. They have a wide range of pedal kayaks, fishing kayaks, touring kayaks, and even hunting kayaks.

Eastern Mountain Sports

Found in North Conway Eastern Mountain Sports offers some of the perfect pedal kayaks as well as kayaking gear. The best part is that they even have kayak schools to offer instruction in kayaking.

This list should help you with finding the perfect pedal kayak. Make sure you know what type of pedal kayak you are looking for. Whether you want it to be heavy or lightweight, small or large, plastic or fiberglass. All of these factors determine what the ultimate pedal kayak for you would be. The last thing to do is just get one from these amazing manufacturers and start your kayaking adventure.

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