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Why are pedal drive kayaks so expensive?

Are you wondering why pedal drive kayaks cost so much. The price depends on size, weight, and capacity. Pedal drives add a complex system as an expensive option that many fisherman appreciate.

With the advancement of kayak technology, pedal drive kayaks have become every kayaker’s dream. But it is not easy to buy a pedal drive kayak because with the increasing demand for these kayaks they have become quite costly.

They might be more expensive than the paddle drive kayaks, but the features that pedal drive kayaks come with and the benefits they provide make them worth the price and offer an amazing kayaking experience whether it is relaxing out on the ocean or fishing in a lake or river. Here are some of the reasons that justify the high price of these crafts and explain just why they are so expensive.

More design features

Pedal kayaks are designed with more than the usual features that are normally found in an average kayak. Apart from the foot propulsion mechanism that allows for hands-free kayaking, they have, dry space, rod holders, adjustable seating, and many other features that make them an expensive buy.

For kayakers going on a longer excursion trip, extra cargo space is another special feature of pedal kayaks that makes them slightly pricier.

Pedal drive system

The most important factor that is responsible for the costly price of pedal drive kayaks is their pedal drive system. Featuring rotational pedal propulsion systems and push pedal propulsion systems the kayaks are easier to control and generate a good amount of speed as well. The rotational pedal system has a propeller beneath the kayak that makes the kayak move. Some expensive pedal kayaks also feature trolling motors.

There’s more than just plastic there

You might be wondering why these simple pieces of plastic cost so much when they should actually cost next-to-nothing. That is where you are wrong. It is not just mere plastic. There is a lot of design specific energy that goes into this plastic. The more expensive the kayaks are, the more durable they prove to be. They are more well balanced, easy to use, and lightweight.

Different types of plastic

It is typically thought that plastic is a cheap material that is used to create low-quality goods. However, when it comes to kayaks that is not the case. Pedal kayaks are not made from inferior plastic. If they were made from cheap plastic they would not be able to stand the wear and tear of the many regular trips into oceans, lakes, rivers, and everywhere else that kayakers take their kayaks to. Pedal kayaks are made from a blend of high-quality plastics that make them durable and ideal for kayaking.

High-end kayaks

The assumption that kayaks are wholly made out of plastic is plain wrong. Some pedal kayaks like high-end kayaks are not even made from plastic. They are made from more expensive and high-quality material like fiberglass as these kayaks are usually used for sea kayaking.

Made to last

Pedal kayaks are built to be inherently stable. They are designed with durability in mind. If you buy a pedal kayak you do not need to replace it with a new one every one or two years. Pedal kayaks can easily last for a number of years giving you the best kayaking experiences.

Customized kayaks

Customized pedal kayaks are expensive because as the name indicates they are customized to give a more comfortable and relaxing experience. They come with an array of cup holders, dry space, storage, customized seats, mounting plates, and rod holders. They even feature hidden storage bags so you can equip the kayak with GPS. This is possible by placing a battery up under the bow hatch of the pedal kayak.

Type affects the cost

Some pedal kayaks can cost as much as 10000$. This is because these kayaks are used for sea kayaking. Kayaks made for sea kayaking are not lightweight. Lightweight kayaks are made for lakes and rivers. Pedal kayaks used for sea kayaking are made from expensive material that is durable and prevents the kayak from flipping over in the ocean. The cost of pedal kayaks varies depending upon the type of kayaking you are going for. It also depends upon the purpose you will be using the kayak for.

Size, weight and capacity

The price of pedal drive kayaks depends upon the size, weight of the kayak, weight limit of the kayak, and its seating capacity. Lightweight and smaller kayaks usually seat one person and don’t have a large optimum weight limit. It is not possible for another person to ride them as there is hardly any space.

However heavier and larger kayaks with more space have more seating capacity. They can seat at least two people at once and have a greater weight limit so they can be used by overweight kayakers as well. These are quite popular right now like the tandem pedal kayak and are understandably expensive as well.

Designed for anglers

Pedal kayaks are mostly used by and popular amongst anglers. There are pedal kayaks that are specifically designed to meet the needs of fishermen. They have a greater speed and their hands-free feature allows fishermen to perform other activities while fishing like bird watching, photography and preparing bait, etc.

They come with accessories like fishing rod holders, tackle storage, and fish-finding transducers. They take the fishermen to fishing spots with more fish in lesser time and are a means to save both time and money. They can access waters that are not easily accessed by other traditional boats. All these features suit the needs of anglers and make pedal kayaks an attractive as well as an expensive option for them.

Comfort and stability

Pedal kayaks are expensive because some of them are designed with features like extra padding in seats and back support for heavier kayakers. Those who want to take longer trips prefer these seating features and buy costly pedal kayaks.

Another serious factor that is considered while buying kayaks and one that makes them expensive is stability. Larger and expensive kayaks offer both primary (back and forth motion) stability and secondary (boat flipping or capsizing) stability in calm waters when the kayaker is standing. This makes them ideal for fishermen.


Made from high-quality materials pedal kayaks are usually designed featuring exceptional dimensions. This makes them costlier than paddle kayaks. For example, some pedal kayaks come with more angled contours instead of typical smooth arcs. This allows them to cut effortlessly through the water and makes them quite expensive.

Address your needs and buy the best kayak that fits in your budget. Although pedal kayaks are expensive they have all the features needed for the perfect kayaking adventure. They have exceptional stability, speed, control, comfort, safety, as well as storage and maneuverability. Moreover, they are made for a variety of purposes. Seeing the many qualities they possess and the many benefits they provide it is not surprising that these crafts are costly.

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