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Does Kayaking Count as Cardio?

Kayaking counts as cardio exercise because it gets your heart beating fast and is a good workout if you push yourself. This is especially true if you do some sprints to increase breathing and power output.

Too often, we look for something that is best for our health and fulfills our appetite for adventure at the same time. Well, no more shall you search. Kayaking is an aerobic activity that uses a kayak with a double-bladed paddle to propel. Yes, kayaking is regarded as the best cardio exercise around the world and research shows that it has a better impact on a person’s health than regular cardio workouts.

Cardiovascular exercise is important to help your heart work properly and make it strong. It helps your heart pump blood efficiently through your body and keeps your heart rate at a stable level.

Here is how kayaking does all that for you.


1. Aerobic Sport

Kayaking is a certified aerobic sport that includes a proper aerobic exercise for your body and helps you maintain stable health through this unique cardio workout. Your lungs will get a good workout if you push yourself.

2. Continuous Movement

During kayaking, you continuously move most of the upper part of your body to propel on water. This movement helps the flow of blood to be efficient in your chest, back, and arms.

This is extremely important in a cardio workout to help your body warm-up.


3. Boost your Mood

Studies suggest that adventure and thrill can help boost your mood through the release of endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals released by your brain. Kayaking provides a breathtaking experience to adventure seekers and helps you to boost your mood along with a proper workout for your body. This phenomenon is really important for increasing your cardio workout results.

4. Burn Calories

Researches show that a person kayaking for an hour can burn up to 400 calories. Kayaking is the best way to deal with your fat, especially your stomach fat which is quite stubborn and is very hard to get rid of. Kayaking provides a great experience of burning calories in a quicker and more enjoyable way.


5. Arms and Chest Workout

Kayaking provides you with a complete cardiovascular workout to get the most out of your exercise. Paddling for hours helps exercise some important muscles. Vital body muscles of your abdomen, obliques, and lower back are also involved in a workout during kayaking. While you reach forward during paddling, you are contracting your abs, and while you pull, you contract your back muscles. When you make any twisting motion, you will be engaging your obliques.

These movements play a vital role in circulating blood in arms and chest more efficiently and ensure that proper healthy workout is provided to these parts of your body.

6. Muscular Movement

Kayaking mostly involves the movement of arms and upper body. The repetitive pull of both arms is required to move the kayak forward hence contracting one arm and spreading the other at the same time. These combined muscular pull and push leads to the healthy building of muscles and shaping them properly.


7. Stable Heartbeats

In a proper cardio workout, you get stable heartbeats that give you a continuous blood flow throughout your body. Similarly, kayaking provides you stable heartbeats to maintain your stamina for long periods and help your body build. Get a hear rate monitor and aim for above 140 beats per minute.

8. Preventing Heart Problems

The main purpose of cardio activities is to make sure you stay away from heart diseases of any kind and other heart problems. By kayaking, you provide your heart with a healthy activity which makes it stronger and more efficient and hence lowering your chances to get any kind of heart disease in the future. It also helps your heart muscles to pump the blood around your body more efficiently by providing you a stable heartbeat especially when you are exerting force while paddling forward.

9. Stamina

There is no doubt that kayaking can help you build up your stamina to a high level. This is done by repeating the paddling process while you propel forward. Long hours of kayaking can provide better results for stamina improvement. Moreover, not only paddling but twisting your body and using your legs to steer also contributes to building stamina in a healthy way.

Kayaking is famous around the globe due to its unique paddling which includes pushing forward from one arm, pulling back from the other, and twisting your body at the same time to steer the kayak. This makes Kayaking a very healthy cardio exercise and an adventurous experience.

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