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Can you Lose Weight by Kayaking?

If you are wondering whether kayaking can help you lose weight then, yes, it is a very healthy activity to do and will help you lose weight. Kayaking exercise due to the continuous repetition. One hour can help a person burn 400 calories, so after 9 hours you will lose 1 lb.


1. Burn Calories Faster

There is no doubt that kayaking is the best activity to lose calories faster. It is even better than most calorie burning gym workouts. While you paddle your way through the water, every inch of your body warms up and starts burning fat, especially that stomach fat which is quite stubborn for basic fat burning exercises and is not easily lost.

2. Get Rid of Stress

Paddling in the soft waves of water under a ray of bright sunshine, kayaking helps you get rid of stress. A recent study suggests that high-stress levels can cause you to gain weight. Quite annoying right? But not if you are kayaking.

What can be better than an astonishing adventure on the water plus losing your fat at the same time! Hence, one of the goals of being physically and mentally healthy is to reduce stress. Just like how any physical exercise helps to reduce stress, kayaking provides you with the same stress-relieving benefit.

3. Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are important in helping the heart stay healthy and strong. If not properly worked out, the heart will get weaker over time and can cause serious heart complications. It is an aerobic sport and is one of the best cardio exercises.

Continuous repetition of paddling to propel in water helps blood to circulate particularly in the back, chest, and arms. It also increases the number of red blood cells in your body and improves the efficiency of the heart to pump blood. It helps your heart maintain a stable level of heart rate.

5. Good for Arms

Fat on arms can be hard to get rid of and can be irritating. Kayaking mostly involves the movement of arms and upper body. The repetitive pull of both arms is required to move the kayak forward hence contracting one arm and spreading the other at the same time. So, it can help a lot in removing muscular fat on arms and keeping them in good shape. It also helps to circulate blood properly in arms.


6. Increase Muscular Strength

Since you are mainly using your arms throughout the kayak exercise, these body parts become more warmed up. The exertion while kayaking extends to most of your upper body muscles such as those on your back, shoulders, and chest.

Paddling for hours helps exercise these muscles. Vital body muscles of your abdomen, obliques, and lower back are also involved in a workout during kayaking. While you reach forward during paddling, you are contracting your abs, and while you pull, you contract your back muscles. When you make any twisting motion, you will be engaging your obliques.

Regular kayaking can help reduce a lot of fat from these body parts by providing muscular exertion. So, you probably don’t need to go to a gym for gaining your muscular strength and keeping your body in good shape.

7. Increasing Stamina

Kayaking can be done for hours without feeling bored. Hence, increasing your stamina to a great extent. Increased stamina means you can perform long workouts without getting exhausted easily which can then help your body to burn more calories in a short time.

8. Vitamin D

Research has found that most overweight people have vitamin D deficiency in them. Vitamin D helps a lot of vital organs of your body to work properly and hence, is an important intake of the body. Kayaking in the bright sunlight provides you with vitamin D along with important workout.

Kayaking is an ‘All in one’ kind of physical activity which not only helps you prevent weight gain but also provides a complete healthy workout of your body to keep it in proper shape and help your vital organs work properly.

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