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Does my solar panel produce power when the sun is not shining?

If you wonder whether solar panels produce power when the sun is not shining, then you are not alone.


Solar panels use daylight energy to convert light into useful electrical energy, not the sunlight itself. This means that solar panels don’t require the sun to shine to produce an electrical current. Instead, they only need natural daylight.


The sun heat has no effect in any way in the production of electricity. The solar panels comprise of semiconductors that create an electric current when natural daylight heat the photovoltaic cells. This means that solar panels produce the same amount of electricity on a chilly day as it would on a hot summer day. Sunlight is not a factor in how much eclectic the PV solar panel will generate.


However, direct sunlight provides the ideal condition for the solar panel to work. But your solar panel will still work perfectly even if your property does not receive a lot of direct sunlight. Modern solar panels are equipped with a system of lenses and mirrors that help to maximize any light that hits the PV cells.


As such, most solar panels produce nearly the same amount of electricity on a cloudy day as it would on a bright sunny day. Recent research conducted by the US department of energy revealed that the production of power by modern solar panels does not fluctuate significantly on cloudy days.


Solar panels don’t work during the night for a simple reason: there is no light. The solar panels are equipped with photovoltaic cells that only convert light to electricity when light hits them. As such, they cannot produce light during the night because there is no light.


Solar panels start to generate solar energy as soon as the light hits them and stop producing electricity when the sun goes down late in the evening. However, the amount of electricity produced by the solar panel depends on the sun’s strength and angle. According to experts, the highest solar generation during the day is usually from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, your solar can generate power as early as 8 AM when the light starts hitting the PV cells.

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