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How can I make my RV solar panel last longer?

The best way to have your RV solar panel last for a long time is by ensuring that it is well maintained. A regular examination can help reveal any potential problem like exposed wires, loose cracks, and much more before there becomes something big that can cost you a lot of money to fix or even cause permanent damage to the solar panel.


Cleaning the panel regularly and keeping it out of shade can also help to increase its lifespan.


What is the solar panel degradation rate?

Solar panel degradation rate refers to the rate at which your solar panel loses its efficiency. For instance, if your solar panel has a degradation rate of 0.8%, it means that your solar panel will operate at 99.2% of its original output after two years of service.

A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2012 revealed that the average degradation rate of solar panels is about 0.8% per year. The rate of degradation depends on many factors, including the brands of your panel, how well the panel is maintained, and much more.

How solar panels work.

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