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What happens if there is snow on the solar panel?

Most people are concerned that their solar panel will not work during the winter season because snow will cover it, blocking the slight from reaching the PV cells.


Multiple studies conducted by credible institutions have found that the snow covering of the solar panel has minimal effect on its performance. Researchers have found that light can still scatter through sparse coatings, reaching the PV cell to produce electricity. However, if heavy snow accumulates, covering the panel entirely, the solar panel will not produce electricity.


Snow can only present a problem if its weight stresses the solar peel support structure. The reason why solar panels are installed in a slanting position is to help snow slide off the panel to prevent blocking light from reaching the PV. That is why snow accumulation on most solar panels have minimal effect on their performance. In fact, most industry experts recommend that you don’t remove snow from the solar panel even with a roof rake. Doing so will not only put you at risk of injuring yourself but also void your solar panel warranty.

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