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What Is The Difference Between Camper And RV?

The difference between RVs and campers is that RVs are motorized homes. Campers, however, though mobile, are trailers that are towed on the backs of trucks. Campers also though do have the basic equipment, tend to forego it at times. With certain kinds of campers, you may find toilets and showers in one cubicle itself or it may not have any partition.

Often several people get up to owning motorhomes and trailers either to make camping trips more comfortable or because they want to travel a lot. Sometimes they make these mobile vehicles their permanent residence itself. This is where the confusion sets in. What really are RVs and campers and how are they any different from each other? Read on to find out just how distinguished they are so you can make a perfect choice while opting to buy one.



Recreational vehicles, more widely known to be RVs, are simply mobile homes or motorhomes. RVs come with all the basic amenities that are bound to help you enjoy the maximum level of comfort while on the road. Equipped with a bed and a mini-kitchenette along with the obligatory bathroom, its significance is unparalleled if your favorite hobby is to travel the world. If you want additional accessories to add to the comforts and even make it aesthetical, you have a wide variety to choose from. These could include sunshades, folding tables, camping grills, and even a portable gas fire pit. What else could one need on a camping trip with their group of friends?


Campers or Campervans are widely known for their ease of movement. This is because they too are utilized on the road for travel activities or to substitute for an actual hotel. Equipped with its own grills and refrigerator, it provides the maximum amount of the basic necessities it can in a tight, restricted space. The diverse sizes, colors, and models offer up a wide selection to choose from. This can help everyone find one to their liking according to the budget they have set for themselves, making it easier to settle on a choice.


Difference Between Camper And RV:

Some examples might help give you a more clear-cut picture of the two of them.

Class A motorhomes are purebred RVs through and through. They are fully motorized recreational vehicles that are quite well-known for the luxuries they tend to provide. They usually have a fairly sturdy build and can house a sizeable number of people. As the entire structure is essentially a van or bus that holds the furniture and in-built features, it is classified as a recreational vehicle.

Class A Motorhome is generally well-stocked. It has the option of coming in with a fully stocked kitchen, a wide bed as well as a living room with a lot of space to move around in. This makes it an ideal choice who want to leave no expense left when it comes to acquiring comfort and luxury.

On the other hand, travel trailers are considered to fall into the category of campers. The name itself suggests that it is a camper trailer that is hitched onto either a minivan or truck that is sturdy enough to pull it along. Popup trailers are also another kind of campers.

Since these are fairly small and light as they can very conveniently be folded up, they are an ideal choice for camping trips. They are normally equipped with canvas tops that are also in accordance with their name. These tops can be expanded, as they are fairly flexible. Their insignificant weight means that you will not need a heavy truck to pull it along, making it a good choice.

Whether it is an RV you need or a campervan, now you know what truly sets them apart. Though their main core function may be the same, they are built separately for different kinds of people and purposes. These differences can help you identify what truly is the best option for you so you can get out there and live your best life.

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