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Do I need to get in shape for kayaking?

You do not need to get in shape for kayaking. Although it is a physical activity, it only requires a moderate fitness level. You can paddle at any pace that you are comfortable with.


In fact, people who regularly engage in bicycling, hiking, and swimming are already in great shape for kayaking. However, because paddling requires a reasonable amount of effort, keeping your body fairly agile and fit is a great way to ensure that you go through the entire trip without experiencing any issues.


While you don’t need big muscles to enjoy kayaking, some basic fitness is crucial for an enjoyable and comfortable kayaking experience.


If you are planning for a kayaking trip, it is recommended that you engage in some kind of exercise to keep your shoulders, upper body, and arms fit for paddling.


Some of the workouts to perform include simple aerobic exercises such as cycling, yoga, walking, and pilates classes. These exercises will help you achieve fitness, flexibility, endurance, and balance needed for a great kayaking experience.


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