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How much does it cost to rent a kayak in Austin?

Most venues in Austin charge between $5/hour to $30/hour per rental. An all day pass will cost about $25-$45. The cost of renting a kayak in Austin varies depending on many factors like size, location, and day of week.

You can get a SUP or canoe for about the same price. You can save money owning your one but they can be hard to transport and store.

Some of the factors that determine how much it costs to rent a kayak include the type of kayak that you rent. For instance, renting a triple kayak costs more than renting a double kayak. Other factors include your location, the activity that you plan to do with the kayak, and much more.


Some kayak rental charge more during weekends and holiday season when the demand is high. Please inquire with the local kayak rental to how much it will cost you to rent a kayak.


With hundreds of kayaks rental in Austin, finding the right one that suits your needs can be quite challenging. Almost every lake or stream has a rental location. Below is a list of great places to rent kayaks in Austin:


  • Texas Rowing center
  • Peace Paddling
  • The Mobile kayak
  • Zilker Park Boat rentals


Zilker Park

Zilker Metropolitan Park is a popular place for kayaking. It has a shop that rents out kayaks. The park is lined with trees and if you are lucky you might even catch sight of some ducks or turtles while kayaking. There is a waterway in the park called Barton Creek that is mostly used by kayakers. You can even bring your dog along as this park features a dog swim area just outside Barton Springs Pool. Your dog can have a dip in the cool waters while you enjoy your kayaking.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake is an 800-acre lake known for its calm waters that offer excellent conditions for paddling. It is an hour away from Austin and is home to plenty of bass, catfish, and crappie. This makes it an ideal kayaking destination for anglers. A lot of kayakers go there during February because white bass gather at the upper end of the reservoir at this time of the year to mate. You can perform many other activities there too like water skiing and scuba diving. Moreover, while kayaking you do not have to worry about motorboats whizzing past your craft as it is a strictly “no wake zone” available for paddlers. There are accommodations available near the lake that include 20 cabins and almost 200 campsites that you choose from to stay overnight if you like.

Lake Bastrop

This 900-acre lake is the ideal spot for kayakers and skiers because of its flat waters. A beautiful pine forest surrounds it and acts as the perfect escape from Texas’s rough and rocky terrain. The lake has a large number of bass and is therefore considered to be the perfect spot for bass anglers. Apart from bass it also has a large number of channel catfish and crappies. There are trails around the lake where you can hike, bike, and do trail runs. If you want to stay the night the landscape offers plenty of cabins available for rent.

Lady Bird Lake

A 400- acre man-made reservoir Lady Bird Lake is located in Colorado River and is a favorite kayaking spot amongst the inhabitants of Austin. Formerly known as Town Lake, it is crowded with paddlers and kayakers during weekends. The lake is off-limit to motorboats so that kayakers and paddle boarders can have it to themselves and can do their paddling in peace. There are hiking and biking trails around the lake. You can even pay a visit to the Congress Avenue Bridge in the evening from where almost 1.5 million Mexican bats fly off, in search of their meal.

Lake Austin

Lake Austin is far less crowded as compared to other kayaking places in Austin. The lake is a great spot for fishing kayaks as it is home to large-mouthed bass and catfish. The fish are found along the edges of weed beds that run along the lake’s shorelines. But you need to be careful while throwing your lines because most of the shoreline happens to be privately owned. You can also pay a visit to Pennybacker Bridge and click some great sunset pictures before heading back. Although the lake is visited by motorboats too they are relatively few in number so you would be able to enjoy your kayaking in peace.

If you are in search of places to go to for a kayaking adventure in Austin, then you can not go wrong if you choose one of the kayaking spots mentioned in the list above. The best thing about all these lakes is that your trip would not be limited to kayaking only. You can do various other activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. These lakes are the perfect weekend getaway spots where you can enjoy with friends and families and can even spend the night there as most of the lakes offer accommodation as well.


Important factors to consider when choosing a kayak rental company in Austin includes location, customer reviews, and ratings, how the company maintains its kayaks, types of kayaks offered, and cost.


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