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5 Best Kayaks for Beginners

As a beginner interested in kayaking, you’d probably want to get a kayak that you can operate smoothly, and it should also be stable.


Intex Challenger Inflatable

Beginners can use the Intex Challenger Inflatable kayak to explore their recreational activities. The boat gets made from a sturdy welded material that ensures its durability. The cockpit has vast space and I-beam floors that make it comfortable.

Intex carries up to 220 pounds; it can handle your weight and your gears during the trip. The full kayak offers comfortability and stability with a seat that has a backrest that allows you to catch fish while of the kayak. The boat is preferable for practice and leisure rides, and it may not be able to take on rough rides, it stays well on calm water.


  • Carries up to 250 pounds despite weighing only 40 pounds
  • The kayak is extremely affordable
  • The polyethylene material makes it durable


  • Limited to only slow rivers
  • The kayak has a seat bottom that doesn’t get designed with cushions.
  • Inflatable and may puncture.


Sun Dolphin Aruba

The comfortable design of the Sun Dolphin Aruba makes it a popular kayak that is suitable for beginners. The boat has a large cockpit and offers tremendous support with its back. The foot braces allow a kayaker to put their feet where they want them to be without feeling any comfortability. You can as well put your kayaking gear stored safely without any crowding in the big boat.

The full built kayak is a recommendable choice with stability and the polyethylene material that makes it offers durability. With this material and gotten UV stabilized, the good thing is that the kayak doesn’t fade after a long time in the sunlight.


  • The kayak is durable
  • Affordable
  • Carries up to a maximum of 250 pounds


  • It’s suitable for slow rivers
  • Non-cushioned seat bottom

Sevylor Quickpak

Quickpak has an easy-to-setup option that involves a durable PVC material that manufacturers use to make the kayak last longer and avoid any breakages by the rocks or curbs. A tarpaulin bottom allows the boat to get added protection from sharp objects that might puncture its body. Air chambers as well offer extra protection when the kayak gets damaged by enabling it to stay on the water.

The durable and functional kayak has another airtight system that prevents leakages from occurring and a double lock valve for quick deflation and inflation. The boat gets built to be substantial, and during its transport, gets made of durable PVC.


  • The kayak is lightweight with only 25 pounds
  • Has an aluminum paddle and hand pump
  • The PVC material makes it puncture-resistance


  • Quality of built paddle is poor
  • The inflatable kayak is expensive.

Lifetime Youth Wave

The Wave is one of the best kayaks with child-friendly features, and it’s also easy to use. The compact cockpit that gets to design this boat promotes its balance in the water. It’s lightweight and allows the safety equipment plus rider to a weight capacity of 130 pounds. The kayak stability gets determined by a reverse chine and a paddle that gets incorporated in its design.

Kids who are five years can get to use this kayak. The design features molded finger rails that get located on both sides, and they promote a relaxed feel. Additionally, a polyethylene material makes the boat also durable.


  • It can accommodate a child of any size
  • It’s portable and lightweight
  • The paddle is double-sided


  • Its backrest isn’t specific for kids
  • Lacks the typical kayaks accessories

Sea Eagle Inflatable

You and your friend can get to ride this kayak for a smooth and comfortable kayaking experience. The boat allows a weight of up to 650 pounds. The design receives welded with an easy-to-inflate design that allows a maximum of three people in the kayak. An inflatable spray skirt also is incorporated in its design, and it prevents water from entering the hull. You can also remove any water in the kayak through its self-bailing drain feature hence no worries of sinking. Be

A tough polykrylar that makes the shell causes the kayak to be durable enough. Even a dog cant puncture a hole in it; hence you can include it in your kayaking trip. However, it takes eight minutes to fully inflate it despite being smooth in its movement and carrying a maximum of three individuals.


  • It takes eight minutes to inflate
  • Handles up to a maximum of 650 pounds
  • Additional gears include carrying bag, repair kit, spray kits, paddles, and foot pump.


  • The kayak gets easily pushed by the wind
  • When at the dock, its difficult to board
  • May deflate

You can get the Intex for less than $80 so is great if you just want to try it. The Quickpak is also a great choice.

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