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Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks

Kayaking is one of the world’s most popular and enjoyable watersport. You can explore the vast waters with no limitations and can perform various activities to make the experience more fun and adventurous.

Ocean kayaking is a bit different from other types of kayaking. You need to be more prepared for it and often special equipment and gear is involved. Most ocean kayaks are used by anglers for fishing so they are designed as fishing kayaks to suit their needs on their fishing trip. Here is short list of 5 best ocean fishing kayaks.

Vibe Kayak Yellowfin 130T

This kayak is the perfect choice for you if you are a serious angler as it provides maximum support and stability. It is 13 feet long. The craft can accommodate three people and is capable of carrying weight up to 500 pounds. It has three ultra-comfortable seats that can be adjusted for a solo ride and has centered paddle mounts. Multiple fishing lines can be used at once thanks to two rod holders. You can keep personal items safely in two sealed hatches that come with bag inserts. For larger items, the kayak features a large bungee tank.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

This is a 13 feet long sit on top fishing kayak. It comes with great stability provided by its polyethylene hull. Usually, kayaks with greater stability have lesser mobility but that is not the case here. Its mobility is not affected by its stability. It is very fast allowing you to reach your favorite fishing spot in no time at all. There is plenty of storage featuring click locks that keep fragile electronics and gear safe. It also comes with padded seats for extra comfort.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler

This kayak is ideal for going on rough waters because it provides maximum support. For critical fishing situations, it has a unique feature that allows its seat to be adjusted switched optimum to two positions. It is 13-foot-long and comes with a rudder system that saves energy by allowing control by foot. It has a 20-inch console and a large bungee system that provides ample storage for fishing gear and equipment. It also features two rod holders and four gear tracks.

Vibe Kayak Skipjack 90

This kayak is a more portable craft among fishing kayaks. It weighs 46 pounds and because of its lightweight can easily be carried by one person. Its polyethylene hull provides protection from debris making it durable and also provides maximum stability. This kayak features paddle parks that keep the paddles secure and in place while you fish. It has four rod holders that allow different styles of fishing. You can have multiple lines in the water at once. There are also a wide variety of storage options available aboard this kayak.

Ocean Kayak Caper Classic

This ocean kayak is known for its abilities in tracking, stability, and maneuverability. It is easier to spot in emergencies because of its bright orange and red design. The bright design is also helpful in aiding collisions. It has an open cockpit that provides maximum comfort. For storage, it features a bow hatch that gives easy access to your gear and equipment. It also has a bungee stern that can carry larger items safely. A molded-in cup holder is great for keeping beverages in reach. It has a replaceable skid plate, unlike other fishing kayaks. Other kayaks have skid plates already built-in. Its replaceable skid plate increases the longevity of this craft.

Perception Pescador Pro

This kayak is not only suitable for pros but is also great for beginners and inexperienced kayakers. Its hull and shape provide maximum stability without sacrificing speed. Its small compact size makes it easier to transport. You can easily carry it yourself. It has 4 storage tanks that provide plenty of storage space and features two rod holders along with a caster rod holder.

Choosing an ocean fishing kayak is not an easy task. Things like safety standards, dimensions, comfort, and other features need to be considered. Ocean kayaks are great fishing tools and if chosen wisely can give you a great fishing experience in the vast ocean.

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