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Is Living In An RV Cheaper Than An Apartment?

Living in an RV is not cheaper than an apartment for similar size. RV tends to be a lot smaller, 300 sq ft, vs 800 sq ft for apt. When you add the cost of parks then it adds even more.

One of the biggest questions to date for people willing to buy an RV is whether living in it is cheaper than an apartment. Considering the variations in prices of apartments all over the globe, this is not the most straightforward question to answer. This is why thorough research has brought up conflicting reports about which of the two is more cost-friendly. Here are some of the relevant points we were able to dig up on each to help you decide which you would prefer more.

Pros Of Living In An RV:

RVs are generally viewed to have lesser costs as compared to apartments due to the less space they take up. Getting cozy furniture and additional accessories for them is not a problem in the least. You can make your RV aesthetically pleasing and roomy enough to invite a guest or two over.

The fact also remains that if certain parks wherein to park it are a little over the budget, you can find spots that will take you in for a considerably less amount of money. Having a house on four wheels also means that you do not have to put up with unruly neighbors and can simply move to a different neighborhood if it does not work out for you. Getting to go out of town for the weekend is also made a lot easier when you can take your home anywhere.

Cons Of Living In An RV:

Though it is beneficial for owning a mobile home, certain things also need to be considered. If you do not already own an RV it may be fairly expensive to buy one. The amount of rent you give each month for it may not be too low compared to the amount you may have to pay for an apartment. It merely depends on where you are living.

The maintenance costs of an RV including fuel costs and being handy about fixing your own messes are an obligation when it concerns living in one. If you work full-time, traveling a whole lot would not be much of an option to make use of. If, however, you do get up to traveling, you would have to research on cheap places to stay at beforehand or risk being priced too much.

Pros Of Living In An Apartment:

The price of living in an apartment varies greatly. A one-room apartment in the midst of New York may be thrice more than a roomy apartment somewhere in the outer edges of the city. The location matters a great deal and so it may cause both their prices to be cheaper and more expensive than living in an RV. It is usually bound to be roomier than an RV, giving you ample space to have your furniture, etc. in place. It is also comparatively safer than an RV that tends to be more exposed outside.

Cons Of Living In An Apartment:

Apartments have their own disagreeable features that make people timid while buying or renting one. They have to be careful about the neighborhood, as they cannot simply drive away like in an RV if the neighbors are loud and rude or the landlord is too demanding. They have to stick it out until they find other options. Acquiring an apartment smack dab in the middle of a city means there would be greater convenience, but a heftier price to pay that makes it less worthy for some people.

Though apartments and RVs both have their own pros and cons, it is you who must choose according to your situation. Consider whether you want to live in the city or the outskirts and whether you already have an RV or a van you can simply have converted. Also keep in mind the costs of decent apartments in your city itself, as they vary everywhere, before deciding on which would be the more cost-efficient option for you. Include the maintenance and utilities cost when you compare the two for a more accurate calculation. No matter which one you go for, it should provide you with good cost-effective results.

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