Is AUS-8 Good For Making Strong Knives, Machetes, and Cutlery?

AUS-8 steel is called AUS-8A or simply 8A. It is steel with high carbon content, and rust resistant stainless steel. AUS-8 can also be sharpened quickly and easily.

It is used for making knives, cutlery, and machetes. It has a hardness of 59 HRC.

The steel is very similar to that of the 440 arrays of steel. The 440 lines are produced by an American company. The AUS, on the other hand, is produced by a Japanese company. AUS steel also finds its production units in China.


Is AUS-8 Stainless steel?

AUS-8 falls under the category of superior refined stainless steel. It has a carbon content that is high compared to other steel varieties. Due to its carbon content, it falls in the category of mid-range steel.

The AUS-8 steel also has other components such as nickel, molybdenum, and vanadium. The carbon component in the AUS-8 steel is about 0.75%.

This helps the steel to get better edge maintenance. If you are looking for a knife that is durable and has better retention then AUS-8 is the best one to opt for.

The steel has a better level of hardness and tensile strength. This is because of the increased levels of chromium content present in the steel. AUS-8 is steel that knife makers prefer.


The two broad categories

There are two broad categories when it comes to steel. The first one being the High Carbon steel and the second being stainless steel. If you are looking for rust-resistant steel, then it is always better to opt for stainless steel. Stainless steel dulls very soon.

On the other hand, High-Carbon steel will maintain its sheen but will rust easily. Under high-pressure stainless steel and high-carbon steel behave differently.

While the former tends to bend or curl, the latter usually chips. Steels produced in mass are always between the two extremes.


The Plus and Minus of AUS-8 Steel

As mentioned earlier, 440 steel and AUS-8 fall under the same category. The presence of vanadium gives it hardness. You can sharp AUS-8 steel easily and get a razor-sharp edge. The high-carbon content in the steel, however, dulls it quickly.

Some of them are of the opinion that they can use this razor-sharp blade, every day of the week and have to sharpen it only once a week. The blade’s quality has got a lot to do with the manufacturing technique.

The best feature of AUS-8 is its ability to withstand rust. This is a quality seen in 440 sheets of steel as well.


The AUS-8 knife

Aus-8 is mid-range steel that is very good when it comes to making knives. This knife may certainly not match the expectations of premium-grade steel. However, its properties like edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion factors, toughness, and hardness are quite appreciable. The attraction for the knife makers is its easy machinability. This makes their job easy. It is easy to sharpen and lasts long. Example products:

  • Kessaku 6.5-inch Boning Knife – Spectre Series
  • Sharknight Pocket Folding
  • CIMA G398 Full-Tang Wild Survival Hunter Knife
  • Devil Dogs Armed Forces Machete
  • TUO Chef Knife 8 DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – Phantom Series


Key features of AUS-8 knife

  • Sharpness is one of the key features of the AUS-8 knife. This is easy and you just have to sharpen it using the basic sharping materials.
  • The edge retention property is highly pronounced in this type of steel due to the presence of high levels of chromium and carbon.
  • The wear-resistance of this steel is amazing and this makes it one of the coolest steels to make knives.
  • The chromium and nickel composition in the steel gives it the required hardness.
  • AUS-8, being a stainless-steel fight against corrosion. Thanks to the presence of chromium in it. This doesn’t guarantee a 100 % rust-free knife in humid conditions. However, you can see that it resists rust to its maximum capacity.
  • The knife boasts great machinability. This is due to the presence of sulfur and molybdenum in it.


Comparing AUS-8 with other steels

Although AUS-8 possesses some attractive qualities and a finer composition, it still doesn’t qualify to be called premium-grade steel. S35VN, ELMAX, etc., are considered superior compared to AUS-8 steel. When it comes to a comparison between D2 and AUS-8, AUS-8 wins the game. It is considered better in terms of usage and quality.


The comparison between VG10 and AUS-8 says that VG10 has better edge maintenance compared to AUS-8. Some brands also produce VG10 that is of low quality. However, when it comes to sharpening abilities and rust resistance both VG10 and AUS-8 showcase equal performance.


S30  vs  AUS-8 shows that S30 is durable compared to AUS-8. The poor quality S30 is not good enough to sharp and this could cause problems. AUS-8 knives are good for hunters, military men, and fishing. These knives also come at affordable prices. When you buy an AUS-8 knife, you don’t have to worry about sharpening it. You can just enjoy life without the worry of doing it.


Who makes it?

AUS-8 steel knives are made by some of the top companies. Folding knives are made by the knife company in Ontario. A tactical knife is produced by SOG SEAL. The Hissatsu CRKT folding knife is an added attraction.


AUS-8 from Japan is great when it comes to making good-quality knives. The steel offers the right range of hardness, toughness, edge retention, and machinability. The rust resistance factor is one of the reasons why one can opt for this steel.

This is in every way a good choice for any knifemaker. So make your knife choice today with AUS-8.