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Will Wasp Spray Kill a Snake?

Wasp spray can kill a snake but it can take a long time and there are better ways.

What about Pepper Spray

Snakes lack eyelids. But they have transparent shields, and that shields protect their eyes and prevent vision loss. Also, reptiles are not sensitive to pepper spray, like mammals. But you can use cayenne pepper spray as a repellent. You can sprinkle it around your home to prevent snakes from entering your home.


What Chemical Is It?

When it comes to wasp spray, it has the pyrethroid. It is a harmful chemical and can kill snakes. Also, it can enter the body of humans through skin, ingestion, and inhalation. Therefore, you will have to take extra caution while using this snake killer.

The chemical will enter the system of snakes, and the toxicity will kill them. Pyrethroid can be effective to kill brown tree snakes, copperheads, wolf snakes, and many other snakes. A little amount of this chemical can kill a snake. Therefore, people use wasp sprays to kill or repel snakes.


How to Exterminate Snakes

There are many ways to exterminate snakes. You can prevent their entry and avoid the process the killing them. Here are a few things that you can consider to exterminate snakes.


Plant Lemongrass or Wormwood


Lemongrass will work as a snake repellent. You can plant lemongrass around your home or garage to prevent snakes from entering your area. The wormwood will also serve the same purpose. It can keep the snake away. However, both these plants spread rapidly, and you will have to keep an eye on them to cut whenever needed.


Keep Chickens


Chickens can prevent snakes from entering your property. You can keep chickens, turkeys, and guinea hens to stop snakes. When snakes enter their coops to eat eggs, chickens will kill them. Also, pigs attack snakes.


Use Essential Oils


Some essential oils that include cedarwood, clove, and cinnamon can work as snake repellents. Snakes cannot bear the fragrance of these oils. Also, they think that these oils can melt their scales. Therefore, they stay away from these oils.


Clear Sources

It is worth mentioning that your yard might attract more snakes due to some structures. Shrubs, mulches, and woodpiles can attract snakes. You can clean the yard to prevent any hiding space for the snakes. When there will be no spaces for hiding, snakes will not prefer your property. Also, you can have sharp mulch such as coral or eggshells in your yard to prevent snakes.


Have Sulfur and Garlic Spray

Snakes do not like garlic and sulfur smells. You can spray garlic oil and sulfur in your yard and landscapes to discourage snakes to enter your property.


Spray the Hose


You can spray the hose from a distance when you see any snake in your garden. The snake might be scared and move away. However, you will have to avoid this for dangerous snakes.


Use a Trap


You can hire a professional to eliminate any snake from your home or garden. Professionals are thoroughly experienced, and they can catch the snake without causing any harm. However, you will have to avoid doing this on your own.


These are a few things you can consider to eliminate snakes from your property. All of them will work as a natural snake repellent. The best part is that if you use all the things mentioned above, you will not have to go a step further to kill them. Prevention is always better than cure.

Also, these methods are not toxic and will not harm humans in any manner. However, if you choose chemicals to kill snakes, they might cause trouble for you.


How to Keep Them Away


There are many ways to keep snakes away from your property. You can use any of the natural repellents mentioned above. In addition to these, you can consider the following.


Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water can attract snakes. If you have standing water in your garden, snakes might enter your property. You will have to remove the standing water and protect your yard and home from snakes and many other insects.


Remove Their Shelters


If you want to remove snakes from your property, you will have to eliminate all the shelters. Snakes might hide in tall grasses, firewood storage, under sheds, piled hoses, and dense brush.


Fill the Holes

Snakes need holes to hide. You will have to fill all the garden holes with dirt to prevent snakes from making their homes.


Cut the Grass


Tallgrass creates a favorable hiding environment for snakes. They can easily hide in the grass and might put you and your family members in danger. You will have to keep the grasses short to prevent snakes from making their homes inside them.


These are the ways to keep snakes away from your home or garden. However, when snakes are more, you can use a wasp spray to kill them. But you will have to use it as the last option when other methods are not effective.