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Can Inflatable Paddle Boards Pop?

While buying a paddleboard, most of people get sceptical about whether they can pop or not.

Inflatable paddleboards do not pop during regular usage; they are durable and tough. But if you do not put them at right places, you may end up compromising even inflatable and the rigid ones as well.

Here we are going to talk about how good inflatable paddle boards are and how you can save them from popping up. Usually, inflatable paddle boards are recommended more by experts because they are portable and easier to transport. You may need minimal storage space for them, and they are family-friendly as well.

People rate them high for their durable and tough finish. Moreover, they are the perfect choice for yoga as well. You can roll them into a smaller size when they are deflated and pack them into a tiny backpack with ease.

How to save your inflatable board from getting punctured?

The paddleboards become more popular in the summer season. People love to take them on beach vacations, and they perform perfectly well for a variety of water sports activities. But you have to be more careful to avoid them taking the hazardous places where they can puncture. One such example can be paddling over oyster beds. We all know that they can be very sharp and can cause slashing rips, painful cuts on the body or deep puncture your board as well. If you own a rigid board, it may get some scratches, dings and punctures; however, the inflatable ones may suffer scratches, but they are not as deep to lose air. In case if the cut is deeper, the material may get punctured.

The great news is that you can store your inflatable board with ease, and it automatically reduces the chances of getting it punctured. As soon as you are done with puddling, you should rinse your board and let it dry. Now roll it back and secure safely inside a backpack. In case if you are planning to use it again, you can store it inflated as well; but make sure it is placed above the ground so that dirt and mouse can stay away from it.

While buying your inflatable SUP, you should be more careful about the type of material. Make sure you invest in something durable and sturdy enough. Many big brands these days have designed puncture resistant boards that have multiple layers to maintain higher strength. The stronger PVC application and stitching make sure that your board is holding air for a longer time.

Each one of us wants to invest on something rigid and hard; there is no point in spending your hard-earned money on something that could deflate just with a shell on the sand.

Another important thing to mention here is that one should not over-inflate a SUP, and it is also a bad idea to use a high-pressure pump to inflate it. Such mistakes can pop your board.

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