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Can You Leave an Inflatable Paddle Board Inflated?(Surprising Answer)

So, you have purchased a Paddle Board and are now ready to enjoy some water sports adventure. You must have spent several hours making arrangements for this special day, and it took huge efforts for inflating the paddleboard. Now, the next question in your mind must be whether you should leave it as it is after enjoying your adventure hours or it must be deflated.

Well, you can leave your inflatable paddle board inflated. After all, you have spent lots of time and efforts to inflate it. None of you would like to deflate it and make the same mess again on the next weekend!

Avoid sun damage:

There is no doubt to say that SUP boards are meant to be used outdoors, but it clearly doesn’t mean that you should store them out. The direct sun rays can cause harm to the PVC material while causing crack more like the old tires. Ultimately, your board will not remain useful, and all your investment will turn out to be a complete waste.

Prevent indoor heating:

Also, if you keep your boards indoors, it is important to ensure that the workshop or shed is not too hot. If the board heats up above the threshold level, the air inside it will also expand, and it may pose an excessive strain on the outer layers of the board. In order to keep them safe indoors, you should be aware of the PSI threshold of your board and maintain it up to the level.

Put it in the rack:

Another important advice from experts is to keep your inflatable board above the ground. If you place it anywhere on the ground, the expensive SUP board may come in contact with dirt, or it may be chewed by a mouse. Prefer to keep your board safely in a sawhorse or specially designed rack to ensure more safety.

Changes in air pressure:

In case if you are planning to keep your inflated SUP board as it is for a long time, you will naturally observe some changes in the air pressure. It happens with various seasonal changes as the heat levels rise or fall and atmosphere show considerable variations. It means before the next use; you have to check its air pressure and add some more to make it perfect.

Keep in clean:

If you keep your puddle board inflated and fail to check it so long, it may be greatly affected by dirt in your basement, storeroom or garage. Over time, the board may experience considerable damage due to dirt, and its lifetime will be automatically reduced. Also, it is also important to clean your board adequately after using it in the ocean. Whether you keep it inflated or deflated, regular cleaning is always the prime necessity to maintain the long-life performance of your board.

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