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Can you Paddleboard with Dog?(Beginner’s How to Guide)

Yes, you can paddleboard with your dog with a little training and the right equipment.

So, you own a cute furry friend. Now, when you are planning to move out for paddle boarding, you might be little curious to take your pet along. Well, this is definitely a great idea for both of you. It will help you enjoy great adventure hours while enriching the bond with your dog.

Those who are taking their dog to the paddleboarding for the first time are advised to check some expert tips first. It may help you to ensure a safe and easy experience on the water:

Choose the right board:

The first most thing you need to do is choose the right paddleboard; it must be longer and wider so that you can maintain stability with your dog. The best recommendation from experts is to go ahead with paddleboards that have 32 inches width. Boards with ten feet length are more stable and can be a perfect choice to enjoy paddling with your pet. Other than this, while selecting your broad, you should also consider your weight as well as of your dog.

Great surface grip:

Not all the paddle boards can provide you with enough grip to ensure stability for your dog’s paws. It is important to buy a paddleboard that is suitable for the pet and doesn’t cause unwanted sliding off due to hard-hitting waves. The best kind of paddleboards have a full deck pad for enhanced grip; you can also try old yoga mats as an inexpensive alternative.

Get a life jacket:

Well, it is high time to accept that not all the dogs are good swimmers. Moreover, if your dog is not familiar with the paddleboarding experience, it may be more challenging for both of you. Hence, it is definitely a great idea to buy a life jacket for your pet. With this, you can be sure about the safety of your pet even if the paddleboard gets disoriented or the dog jumps off it.

Teaching basic commands:

When your dog is about to join you on paddleboarding trip for the first time, you should first introduce your pet to this adventure. Make sure you train him for the event and teach him all the basic commands as well. Introduce your dog to the paddleboard, do a dry dun and put some treats in your bag to keep your pet engaged. Practice with special commands before you get into the water.

Be prepared for the emergency:

It is important to understand that your dog can jump off the board anytime, especially if it is his first experience. So, you have to be ready to handle such situations. A life jacket and your precautionary behaviour can save both of you. Other than this, you should carry a first aid kit to the event. Do not leave your dog alone on the vehicle and try to make him comfortable and confident as much as you can.

These simple tips and tricks can help you enjoy an incredible experience with your pet on the paddleboard.

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