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Do Paddle Board Paddles Float?

One of the biggest aspects that people need to check while shopping for their paddles is whether they float?

Yes, the paddles of your paddleboard float. Although, users will not be able to observe it clearly because the foam in the paddle provides some buoyancy. With this, you may lose some hold of the paddle in water and chances are that it may never be recovered.

If you are planning to shop for paddle boards paddles, it is important to follow expert advice to pick the best product to serve your needs.

Things to know about paddleboard paddles:

Paddleboard paddles are one of the most important components of SUP riding. You might be already aware of the fact that this time of paddleboarding allows you to stand on the board while navigating in the water using paddles.

Generally, the paddles can be made up of five different materials; the list includes fibreglass, wood, carbon fibre, aluminium and plastic. The plastic paddles are affordable and durable as well, but they are not much suitable for beginners. Some of you may plan to try aluminium SUP paddle that is cheap and can hold up your SUP strongly.

However, the biggest trouble with these paddles is that they can corrode in saltwater and are fairly heavy as well.

The carbon fibre paddles are not much heavy, and they are rated high for durability and strength as well. But for these benefits, you have to pay more. Some people also prefer to invest in wooden and fibreglass SUP paddles that are available with variable price tags and designs.

Do they float?

Well, we have already discussed five different materials that you can choose for paddles, but it is important to mention that there is no guarantee if any one of these will float. Actually, it is not the material that decides whether they will float or not. As we discussed earlier, it is all about the foam hidden inside. This foam leads to buoyancy.

Investing on a floating paddle may ensure you plenty of benefits. In case if it slips out of your hand, you can be sure that it will not sink. You can just reach down to grab it back and start riding again.

While buying your paddles, you should always look for a few essential factors to ensure you are making the right deal. The first most important aspect is offset that may vary from paddle to paddle.

While choosing your puddles for the SUP adventures and stand-up paddleboarding, one needs to be more careful. Even if you buy an expensive paddleboard but don’t have equally proficient paddles, it may cause great difficulty while navigating in the water.

Experts also advise checking shaft angle and blade shape as well. Other than this, you should look for palm grips, blade size and length of the paddle. Once you are careful about these aspects, you can ensure a memorable experience.

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