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Do shark attack, paddle boarders?(Scary Truth)

Sharks do attack paddle boarders in the ocean. They are rare, happens only a few times per year. They bite because you look like food or a threat.

If you are looking forward to indulging in some exuberant water adventure on your paddleboard, you cannot steer away from considering the threats that can be posed by sharks when you are out there, right in the middle of the vaster water body.

However, as far as gauging the probabilities of a shark attack is concerned, there are a few things that must be taken into account. For the uninitiated, if you are paddling in an area that is frequented by sharks, the chances of you and your paddleboard being attacked by them are fairly high. Also, you shouldn’t assume that paddleboarders are the sole targets of the sharks; swimmers and kayakers too are exposed to equal vulnerability while reconnoitering through the sea.

What’s interesting here is that sharks do not attack paddle boarders because they want to feed on humans to satisfy their appetite; in fact, humans are not on their list of diet at all. This implies that their aim is quite simple and straightforward and that is, devouring plankton as they are essentially planktivores.

The whale shark, megamouth shark and basking shark, in particular, are blessed with facial features that let them suck the water out of the plankton and then pass it through their gullet.

Nevertheless, it’s not that only these three groups attack paddleboarders; the others from the family too can manifest aggression and chase you down in the sea. In the following segment, we will be jotting down a few reasons that trigger this behavior on the sharks’ end so that you are fully equipped to prevent such advances and paddle safely to the shore.


Why do sharks attack paddle boarders?


  • They perceive the paddleboards as a threat

Just like all other animals, sharks are afraid of things that are bigger and size than them. If they come across a gigantic paddleboard while cruising through the water, they are most likely to perceive it is a threat that is coming towards them to hurt or eat them and consequently, do the needful to defend their beings. If you spot a shark and begin moving the board even more quickly, the shark will probably feel confused and disoriented and wage an attack.


  • They think the paddleboard is their food

Out of the several incidents that have been previously reported about shark attacks, two or three of them are such that they clearly put across the verity that these animals thought the boards were food and took a bite of them. When the sharks realized that what went into their systems was either plastic or foam, and not something they were expecting, they left.


  • They found your motions interesting

Sometimes, the sharks are just curious to find out more about the paddleboards because sometimes they are just very intrigued about the movements of this object. If this is really the case and the shark comes rushing to you in the water, you might get scared and start acting erratically. Rather than helping you in any way, this frenzied reaction will encourage the shark to attack you and make way for deadly mayhem.

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