Do People Eat Gold?

People have been eating gold for many years. Individuals have been consuming gold either to honor their gods, as a show of wealth, or to boost vitality.

The gold people consume is in the form of leaf sheets which are either transfer or lose sheets. In addition, the edible gold may also come as gold dust, flakes, and petals. Lastly, people eat safe edible gold leaving out the dangerous ones like the colloidal gold.

Can you use edible gold in drinks?

You can improve your drinks; vodka, cocktail, and any champagne with some flakes of edible gold. Adding edible gold to your drinks will generally improve your drinks. The drinks you have added edible gold in are completely safe to consume. Adding gold taste to your drink is very simple; add a gold leaf to the drink and shake it well.

pictures of gold flakes in food and drink

Can eating gold make you sick?

Eating pure alcohol has no health effects; thus, you can eat as much gold as you want without getting ill. Pure edible gold is chemically inert; therefore, you can eat and passes through the digestive system without any effect. However, non-edible gold can contain high doses of toxic metals.

Your skin pigmentation may change if you consume impure gold like gold sats and colloidal golds. More so, eating a lot of pure gold might lead to stomach upsets.

What is the cost of gold taste?

The edible gold that medical experts approve for consumption should be free from any calories, texture, taste, or expiry date. The cost of this gold will be approximately $60 per gram.

However, some companies supplement various foods with gold tastes, foods like chocolates.


Gold taste vs. silver

Gold and silver are the two primary edible noble metals that are existing. These edibles metals come in similar forms. However, there are some comparisons between the two edible metals. These comparisons include:

● When you add gold to foods or drinks, they may turn to a color resembling gold, i.e., color brown, especially for the drinks. Unlike silver, which doesn’t change any color of the food or drinks, they’ll have a caramel appearance for the drinks, which means they will have a water-clear appearance.

● Experts approve edible gold for consumption, as it doesn’t have any inert chemical reactions. Thus after consumption, you may not have any health effects. Unlike silver metal, edible silver might have some toxic substances. These substances may be dangerous to the health of individuals.

● Unlike edible silver, which is pocket-friendly, edible gold tends to be very much expensive.

● The taste of foods and drinks you add edible gold is usually smooth and has a bearable taste. The reason being, most of the pure edible gold is tasteless. Unlike edible silver, which may have a harsh natural flavor, this taste may be due to the high toxics the edible metal may still have.


There are more forms of the edible cost as gold sheets or supplemented in various foods you can choose. Eating these foods or drinks with edible gold has various health benefits to your body, unlike edible silver metal.

Most people add gold to their meals to make their food more glittery and for luxury.