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How Long Should A Paddle Board Paddle Be?

If you are planning to buy a paddleboard paddle, you might be confused about the favourable length of these units. Most of the buyers make a mistake regarding the length of a paddleboard paddle while making a purchase, and later they regret this mistake.

In general, it is expected to be somewhere between 8 inches to 10 inches; taller than the overall height of the paddlers. However, the ideal length is always related to the arm length of the paddler, their height, how strongly they can hold it and the thickness of the board.

Other than this, you need to be skeptical about the type of paddling you are planning to do.

Choosing the right paddleboard paddle length:

Figuring out the right length of your paddleboard is the best thing you can do to make your paddleboarding journey more memorable and impressive. Experts say that there is nothing more troublesome than trying to ensure smoother operation with a paddle of the wrong size.

When you have selected a paddleboard paddle with the perfect size, you can ensure multiple benefits; few of them are:

  • Ability to maintain great balance on the board.

  • Controlling and maintaining perfect paddling posture.

  • You can paddle with higher efficiency and effectiveness.

  • It can help you keep your knees bent without making many efforts.

  • Conserve more energy so that you can paddle for a longer duration.

  • Beginners find it best choice to learn advanced paddle strokes as well as manoeuvres.

You will be happy to hear that market is loaded with adjustable length SUP paddles. It depends on you whether you wish to use the fixed ones or the adjustable ones. Beginners generally prefer to invest on adjustable ones as they offer a reliable solution for your investment even if you are not aware of the right length.

Moreover, if you are planning to share your paddles with family members and friends, then also the adjustable ones may be the best choice. They can be adjusted with ease to suit the individual requirements of the paddlers.

But at the same time, it is also important to mention that the adjustable paddles are not as good as those expensive, fixed-length carbon fibre paddles. If you have enough budget, you can definitely go ahead with the fixed-length units that are made up of top-quality materials.

Those who want to make best out of their investment are advised to be careful about the length of the paddle.

As we discussed earlier, the paddle length may also vary depending on what type of paddling you want to do. Generally, for calm water or flat-water touring, the recommended length is between 6” to 8” above your head. For surfing needs, the paddle length can be almost 2 to 8 inch above your head. Those who are looking for racing SUP experience, the length should be between 10 inches to 14 inches. You can also ask experts for the best recommendation to make a reliable investment.

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