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How Many Calories Do You Burn While Paddle Boarding?

At an average, you burn about 300 to 450 calories with one hour of paddleboarding. It depends on how active and large you are. For comparison running is about 700 calories.

The fitness enthusiasts will be happy to hear that paddleboarding is one of the most effective and fruitful workouts. Those who are serious about burning a few calories or about getting rid of tough fat might be curious to know how many calories they can burn by just doing paddle boarding.

Well, you will be happy to hear that if we compare racing, yoga and many other tough exercises with paddling, the SUP may still be the winner. It means instead of sweating hard in the gym; you should move out to the beautiful nature and enjoy paddling. It can ensure a more rewarding and fun-rich experience.

If you are an advanced paddler, you can burn a lot of calories just by doing paddle boarding. Whereas for the beginners, the struggle may be more to achieve the target.

In order to lose more calories on your SUP, you should learn the right paddling technique. The idea is to maintain a balance while ensuring superior water sports experience.

Calories burnt during paddleboarding:

Without any doubt, stand up paddleboarding is definitely a great workout; moreover, it is a fun-rich activity. And the best part is that when you choose SUP as your cardio, you will always stay motivated to make best out of it.

Paddleboarding is not a hard thing to do, at least not like other workouts that you do in the dim-light gyms. It can offer you healthy returns in the long run while helping you boost your physical and mental health as well.

At an average, a person can burn almost 330 to 460 calories with one hour of paddleboarding. Note that this count is almost twice that you could burn by just walking in the park. At an average, the recreational paddling is done at a walking pace, especially when it is performed in the presence of light winds on the calm water.

When you are more curious to maintain your fitness levels, paddling can be a smart addition to your routines. This low impact exercise can help you feel much more relaxed as compared to the typical workouts.

Many of you might be interested to know if you can lose weight while paddleboarding. Well, the answer is Yes. But at the same time, you need to understand that the relationship between exercise and weight loss is not that simple as you think. Workout cannot be an automatic guarantee that you will lose more, but once you improve your overall lifestyle and nutritional habits, it can be easier to boost your calorie-burning efficiency.

If we compare one hour of paddling with other workouts (hourly basis), you can judge the ratio of calorie burning. It is 430 calories with surfing, 485 calories with biking, 670 calories with running, 820 calories with swimming, 741 calories with spin class, 205 calories with walking, 372 calories with skateboarding and 600 calories with Zumba. So, we can say that paddleboarding is definitely a viable option with the ability to burn around 460 calories per hour with an added benefit of refreshing experience in the arms of nature.

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