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What is the Best Way to Transport Your SUP?(2 Methods)

Having a personal SUP board opens doors to a wide range of opportunities. And if you can transport it safely to other locations, it can add more adventure to your vacation tours.

If the water sports adventure destination is not at a walking distance from your house, you may have to inflate and deflate your SUP every time. But it may take up much of your time and efforts as well. In such situations, it is better to learn the best ways to transport your SUP board.

Although you may find several creative methods to transport your SUP on the internet, we are going to talk about the two best tricks that are safe and easy to follow. In both these cases, you may need straps.

Having good quality straps may bring more peace of mind; however, one needs to be more careful about the size and length of the straps. The most recommended option is 3m long straps. Some of you may also prefer to invest in lockable straps such as Kanulocks and Ratchet Straps.

Just go through the two different methods below to get ready for your upcoming adventure sports vacations:

Method 1: Straight on the roof

In this case, you need a swim doodle or pipe insulation along with 2x3m straps. First of all, place the doodle or insulation on the roof of your car and then place the boards over it. Now use the straps t tie them tight to the car. In order to avoid scratches on your broad, make sure you put the deck-side down while loading them on the roof.

This is one of the cheapest, fast and easy method to transport your SUP board to different locations. It works in both conditions whether you are taking your own car on the trip or have arranged a rental vehicle. Moreover, it is possible to transport boards of any length on the car roof.

The biggest trouble with this trick is that it can leave some scratches on the roof of your vehicle. Furthermore, if you are travelling in the rainy season, the gap caused by straps on the car doors may give enough space to water entering inside the car. The straps can also make some annoying noise when you drive on high speed.

Method 2: Using roof rack with straps

It is probably the most common and easiest way to transport SUP boards. All that you need is pipe insulation, car roof racks and 2x3m straps. Just fix the rack on the roof of your car safely and then put the doodle or insulation on the rack.

After this, you can put the straps on the board and place them on the rack while securing them tightly and safely with the rack. This method ensures an extremely secure solution, and it is possible to load multiple boards on the roof.

But the biggest trouble is that this method requires some additional expenses to buy roof rack. Also, these racks may add some height to your car roof, and you may have to face height restrictions at some places.

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