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What is the lightest kayak paddle?

The Tango Carbon is the lightest kayak paddle at only 23 ounces. It is made from lightweight materials like carbon fiber. A typical weight-range is 23-43 ounces.

If you have made up your mind to procure a brand-new kayak paddle, there are a few things that you should ponder upon well before taking the final call. In this article, we will only restrict ourselves to the weight of the kayak paddle and serve you with an insight into the lightest one from the same group.

There are essentially three categories in which these paddles can be segregated under and they are entry-level, medium-weight, and lightweight kayak paddles. The entry-level kayaks have polymer blades and aluminum shafts because of which they are also tagged as the most affordable models.

However, because they weigh more and aren’t usually created from high-quality materials, the shafts can bend when exposed to forceful paddling and the blades too, can have cracks all over them. But, amid all this, the good news is, if you are a beginner and want to practice in the shallow waters, for the time being, you can turn to them and get one for a pretty decent price that ranges from $30 to $70.

Next on this list is the medium-weight kayak paddle. In terms of rigidity, these paddles can be ranked somewhere between the entry-level and lightweight paddles. Both their shafts and paddles are made from fiberglass which, in turn, is often amalgamated with polypropylene for enhanced durability. As evident from the construction itself, the medium-weight kayak paddle costs more than the preceding alternative and falls within the window of $60 to $120. If you sway towards the higher end of the spectrum, you will have options that have shafts made from carbon.

Now coming to the lightest kayak paddles, what distinguishes them from the rest is their carbon fiber blades and shafts. As opposed to common belief, the strength and rigidity provided by these paddles despite their weight are incredible.

Additionally, if you try to rank it in order of safety, we believe that it must be placed somewhere on the top of the list. If you are a non-swimmer and have just started kayaking, you can have a leash attached to your feet that ties you with the paddle. Hence, even you fall into the water, the feather-like paddle will help you stay afloat and remain close to your equipment. The prices of these kayak paddles start somewhere from $150 and go up to $500.

Only a few months ago, a kayak manufacturer from Portugal claimed to have made the world’s lightest paddle. According to the yielders, this result was achieved by replacing the commonly available epoxy resin with the HexaBond epoxy resin system to capitalize on the fiber-reinforced composites of the latter.

For the uninitiated, HexaBond resin can be combined with anything to increase their mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and durability. HexaBond is capable of reducing the weight of substances by 10% and surging the strength of carbon fiber composites by 24%.

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