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What Materials are Paddle Boards Made of?

Paddleboards are made of these type of materials: PVC, carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, foam, and plastic. The lifespan, durability and performance of a paddleboard are highly dependent on the materials used to design paddleboards.

The price may also vary based on the quality of the material you choose.

Most of the solid paddleboards in the market are made up of epoxy resin and fibreglass layers over foam cores or follow wood. You can even find some inexpensive boards made up of foam material only. However, the high-end ones are finished with carbon fibre layer over foam cores. On the other side, the inflatable paddle boards are designed using strong PVC plastic on the outer layer and a drop-stitched inflatable core.

Everything you need to know about paddleboard design:

The surfboard industry is growing from the past several years. With the advancements in design technologies, manufacturers have gone through years of trial and error experience. And today, you can find some of the top-quality paddleboards in the market that promise truly amazing paddling experience. You will be happy to hear that it is now possible to design paddleboards using 3D technology.

The latest 3D computer graphics help designers to test buoyancy, seaworthiness and performance even before building the board in real. Hence, it becomes easier to streamline the entire manufacturing process while leading to a more efficient design. The traditional hand shaping methods required labour intensive work for the design, but this machine age has provided amazing advantages to the manufacturers these days.

Best paddleboard materials in the market:

Paddleboards are designed using a variety of materials. Many of the solid versions of these boards are finished using wood or fibreglass reinforced plastic. However, the inflatable ones are designed using tough PVC plastic.

Some of the most commonly used materials for designing paddleboards are:

  • PVC and Poly-carbonites: Almost all the inflatable paddle boards are made up of tough PVC, and the ultimate finish is given using drop-stitch technology.

  • Carbon fibre: Carbon construction paddleboards make use of foam cores that are surrounded by various carbon layers.

  • Fibreglass and epoxy resin: When you are looking for most solid paddleboards, the fibreglass reinforced plastic finish with epoxy resin or polyester over the basic foam core can serve the purpose.

  • Wood: Wood paddleboards make use of hollow-core type wooden finish; however, they are sturdy enough to lead long-life performance.

  • Foam: Soft paddle boards are designed using foam material; just a few parts of these boards can be finished using plastic material.

  • Plastic: Rotomolded one-piece plastic material is used to design some inexpensive paddleboards.


There are generally two types of paddle boards: Solid paddleboards and inflatables. The solid ones are designed to maintain the same size for storage, transportation and use. On the other side, the inflatable ones take lesser size during transportation and storage; however, they can be turned into full size when in use.

You can choose any of these paddleboards for your upcoming adventure outings. Make sure you pick the most trustworthy product from the market to lead a memorable experience.

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