How Many Amps are in a 9v Battery?

A 9 volt Alkaline battery can produce 1.9A of current for 3 minutes. A lithium battery has 3.6A max, and carbon-zinc .5A max.

Capacity in mAh(milliamps per hour)

  • Alkaline – 550

  • Zinc-Carbon – 400

  • Lithium – 1200

  • Lithium-ion – 620

How many watts does a 9v battery have?

A watt-hour represents the energy unit equal to a single watt drawing energy per hour. Because batteries are also storage units for electric power, watt-hour specifications are equal to battery capacity. For 9V batteries, the producer chooses milliamp hours instead of watt-hours.

The voltage on a firm standard 9V battery is, certainly, nine volts. As an energizer battery, its milliamp-hours are equal to six hundred and ten or 5.49 watt-hours. Therefore, the nine-volt battery has a higher capacity than the AA and D-cell batteries, meaning that it is possible for a 9V battery to last longer than an AA battery.

Can a 9-volt battery kill you?

They can overheat and catch on fire.

If your 9V batteries are loose, it is highly recommended to clean them off besides just making your home look neat. Those batteries can cause fire, which in return may hurt your family or even cause deaths. Here is how it occurs- a metal object comes into contact with the positive or negative posts of the batteries, resulting in a short circuit- which in turn leads to enough heat to cause a fire.

To curb this risk, users are advised against storing 9V batteries in a repository drawer near coins, pens, paper clips, and other batteries. This also applies to any 9V battery, whether they appear to be dead or recently bought.

Additionally, items like steel wool, aluminum foil, and keys should never be stored near 9V batteries. If one of them comes into contact with the two battery posts, then your home is susceptible to fire.

Types of 9V batteries

• Lithium

Lithium batteries are durable and super strong utilized in high technology alarm systems and medical equipment. This is because they have the longest battery life, highest quality, but also it is the most expensive. They are a great alternative for difficult-to-reach places such as a high ceiling. 1200 mAh capacity.

• Alkaline

Alkaline batteries are the firm favorite 9V batteries for smoke alarms. It is an excellent rechargeable option for smoke detectors. Further, alkaline batteries are ideal for guitar pedals, security backup systems, in-ear monitors, wireless microphones, and all types of various applications.

The main difference between an energizer industrial battery and what you will get in the market is how it is packed. Industrial energizers come in a cardboard package instead of that annoying blister carton. 550 mAh capacity.

• NiCad

NiCad batteries are highly efficient for smoke detecting tasks and some are rechargeable. They offer a strong and inexpensive option. 120 mAh capacity.


Every 9V, D cell, and AA batteries fall on a spectrum of the level of quality, normally tied to their prices in some way.

Lithium batteries seem to be the best overall due to their rechargeable nature and wide range of applications. The higher quality, the higher the price, and vice versa.

The 9-V batteries are the most commonly utilized battery sizes.

All other battery options are ideal for various reasons, including smoke detecting, for medical devices and electronic equipment.


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