How Long Do Tablet Batteries Last?

Tablet batteries last 3-10 hours on a single charge. They last for 500 charging cycles which is about 2 years for most people.

You can carry an external battery pack and replace the battery when it no longer holds a charge.


What affects battery life

. Length of time spent on talking or chatting with a friend. The longer the talk time, the faster the charge depletes. It’s even worse when the communication is video-based since it uses more power. Other things in this category including watching movies and surfing the internet.

. When being used: If you use the tablet in an area with extreme temperatures, then you risk overheating, which results in a faster loss of charge. Using it when it’s very cold may also lead to freezing of the battery, and room temperature is therefore advised.

. Tablet connections: They also drain charge from your battery even if they are not in use. This is because your tablet is still required to give power that runs them since they are part of the hardware, like applications that in the background. Connections entail those that exist between your electronics and the wireless internet.

. Display settings: The bigger the screen display, the faster it discharges. Also, the resolution of your tablet has a hand in how long it will keep charge since those with high resolution require extra power.

. Applications: Analyse your active apps as most of them consume lots of power. The reason being that for them to work, other apps need to be running simultaneously. The operating system of your tablet also plays a role in determining how long it will store charge.


How To Charge a Tablet Battery

. First Charge: Charging for the first time should be as instructed by the manufacturer in relation to the variety of your tablet battery. For instance, a nickel battery requires the battery to be charged for at least 14-16 hours prior to initial use.

. When it comes to full versus partial charge, sulfation may occur for a lead-acid battery if you do a partial charge. Full charge is advised on this one.

. For discharge, other tablet batteries work with full discharge once in a while. A deep discharge can, however, be damaging to batteries like lithium-ion and lead-acid.

. Operate when charging: For the lithium-ion and the nickel-based batteries, it’s advisable to not use when charging because a parasitic load may lead to overcharging, hinder proper full charge, which may result in mini-cycles.

When charging, you should only unplug your tablet if the charger contains the right float voltage.


How To Determine If The Battery Has Degraded

Eventually, your battery will die and be rendered useless. This is because continuous use and exposure to the charge cycle wear it down with time. However, there are practices that can be done to ensure that your battery lasts for long. Some of them include:

. Keep it away from any kind of heat such as that from the car, your body, overheating, or hot temperatures.

. Avoid completely discharging your batteries

. Minimize the average charge level

. Lower the screen brightness

. Turn off notifications

. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

. Stop automatic updates

. Shut off or delete some apps


How can you know that your battery has gone bad?

Slow Charging

As a chemical power plant for your tablet, the battery wears off with time, making it hard to dispense its duties. If your tablet that used to take two hours for s complete charge currently takes forever, then you should start bracing for a replacement.

Decreased Backup Duration

The moment the backup time drops from maybe 20 hours to 16 hours, that’s s sign that the battery is lowering in quality.


This is also another symptom of a depleting battery. Not changing it may lead to other priorities in your tablet being affected. Overheating also renders it difficult to operate your tablet as you can’t hold it.

Other signs include a bulging battery and its inability to hold a charge for long.


Android Versus The iPhone, Replacement and the Cost

First, it’s important to state that the tablet batteries can be replaced. The replacement steps are easy if your tablet comes with s removable battery. All you need is to find the perfect battery match for your tablet model, switch off the device and carefully remove the cover and replace it.

However, some gadgets are designed in such a way that it’s hard to remove the battery as you can’t reach it, or it will render your warranty obsolete. In this case, you should consult your manufacturer for a replacement.

When it comes to iPhone versus Android, you will notice that most iPhones are designed in such a way that you can’t access the batteries, and you’ll need the expertise of professionals to replace your batteries.

On the other hand, some Android tablet can have their batteries easily accessed, making replacement easy, but this is only available for the older versions.

With time, the performance of your tablet goes down, and the battery may have a thing to do with it. As much as replacing a battery is cheaper than buying a new one, it may help you rid of other malfunctions that come with an old phone.

If you are going camping then bring an external battery or solar charger.