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Can you sit on a paddleboard?

Whenever we come across the term paddleboard, our mind automatically starts outlining a scenario where the rider is standing upright on it and rowing the paddle.

As opposed to the common belief that states paddleboards are meant for standing only, you can actually sit on them and paddle your way through. However, the catch is, not all paddleboards are designed for the rider to sit on them; some even come with the option of customization where, if you desire, you can attach a sit and make space for your paddle gears separately.


Those that are designed to allow you with enough space to sit have a wider deck and hull that will inevitably make your surfing experience smoother on the mild waves. Depending on the dimensions, you can even make room for one or two other people to accompany you to the deep waters. This implies that if you want to sit on the paddleboard while paddling, you will have to pick from the catalog that has been fabricated to comply with your needs. In the following segment, we will be jotting down some advantages of sitting on the paddleboard for your better understanding.

  • The increased power of paddling

When you are sitting on the paddleboard, it means that the distance between you and its surface is lesser as compared to the position where you are standing. This suggests that you can fully capitalize on the power rendered by your arms and elbows while paddling and make the paddleboard move faster.

  • Improved balance

Believe it or not, sitting on the paddleboard translates to better grip and balance because by being closer to the boat, the force exerted on the on it surges and naturally, becomes more effective. Additionally, here, you will be relieved from using your core strength as much and your weight wouldn’t be inconsistently swinging between your legs. If you are a beginner and want to take your own time to bring the paddleboard under your control, we would suggest you start your journey by sitting on it; at least during the initial months.

  • Better stability

The fact that you can enhance your stability through rough waves standing on it too cannot be steered away from but, what we are trying to get at here is that sitting down inexorably furnishes you with greater stability. It is so because the plane of the paddleboard is closer to your center of gravity hence, making surfing more comfortable for new apprentices.

  • You can relax and enjoy

The best part about sitting on a board lies in the fact that you can relax and enjoy your time in the middle of the water like it’s no one’s business! Lay back on your bag of accessories and make the most out of the majestic blue waters and the bright sun.

The bottom line

Regardless of the purpose, you are getting the paddleboard for, sitting on it always an option. The alternative of sitting on it will let you take a break and catch your breath for sometime to get back to paddling with boosted vigor.

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