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Do you wear shoes when paddleboarding?

Like all sports activities, the right outfit will make the activity enjoyable. You don’t want to go running in football shoes for example! The right footwear will make for a good paddling experience.

Should you go barefooted, wear neoprene boots or wear just about any shoes? When standing on a board, you want to ensure you maintain the right balance. You want to ensure that you limit the moments you slip into the water. The wrong footwear may inhibit this. Most serious riders would rather leave their feet bare when paddling.

Going barefoot helps serious riders “feel at one” with the board and the water underneath. It is also appreciated by those doing yoga. On the flip side though, you may want to wear shoes if you are going to paddle on the water that may contain sharp objects such as oyster shells and rocks.

That being said though, there are riders who rather not go barefoot on the board. Such riders have a world of shoe options to choose from such as:


Neoprene booties

These types come in many cuts and different weights. This kind offers the rider more than feet protection; they also offer some warmth as long as the rider doesn’t spend countless hours on the water.

Deck Shoes

Deck shoes are technically for use on a deck or a boat but they can also be used on the board. Such shoes provide no ankle support and the soles usually come with a non-slip grip. They are perfect in scenarios where you will get your feet wet minus them being submerged. You should opt for these if swimming will not be on your agenda as you paddle.

Waterproof socks

Waterproof socks will not only keep your feet dry, they will keep them warm.

Water sport shoes

Water sports shoes are a good fit if they are flexible and come with a sturdy sole. They should not be loose on your feet as they can make it difficult to maintain balance when loose.

Water sandals

Water sandals are a perfect lightweight and breathable option compared to most other footwear. To ensure that you enjoy the most of them, you need to ensure that you buy sturdy, flexible flip flops.


What to consider when buying shoes

No matter the shoes you choose to buy, you need to ensure that they give you a snug fit to help promote better balance on the board. The shoes should be designed for use on the water. They should have good drainage and ventilation and should not feel uncomfortable when water gets into them. If the shoes you buy hold water then your movements will be greatly limited.

Last but not least, the shoes you buy should be sturdy, lightweight, and flexible. This way, you can quickly change positions when the need arises.

Remember that with the different shoe options available, there is no right shoe or wrong shoe. Your preference and the functionality of the shoe should be the ultimate determining factors.

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