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How long to inflatable boards last?

With proper care and maintenance, inflatable boards can last anywhere from 5 years to 10 years. Proper cleanliness and storage will guarantee that your board lasts a long time. That and the type of board you buy in terms of material and construction.

Any paddleboard worth its salt comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This means that at the very least, your board should at least last until the stated warranty. Companies will offer between 2-3 years warranty on the boards that they manufacture.

Bear in mind though that the warranty will only cover manufacturer defects and not things such as poor handling or wear and tear.

That being said though, inflatable boards, if handled right are capable of standing their own against hardboards. An inflatable board will not get dented when hit, something that is not the case with hardboards.


Things to consider

When searching for an inflatable board, you should look closely at things such as layers used in construction, the seams, and the UV coating. Such things will generally determine how long your inflatable paddle will last if well take care of.


There are single layer boards and there are multiple layer boards. A board that will last long if constructed using multiple layers. This way, even when subjected to rocky waters, the punctures and tears will not be as forthcoming as if the board is constructed with a single layer.


Pay close attention to the seams if you don’t want them ripping apart at the most inconveniencing time! You dont want to go with a board that is simply “glued” together. With time, the glue will wear off and the seams will come apart. Instead, opt for seams that are mechanically welded.

UV coating

Unless you will be paddling where there is no sunshine, you need to pay attention to the UV coating of your inflatable board. A proper UV coating will keep vapor board from degrading fast.


The warranty is a good thing to consider if you want peace of mind. The longer the warranty, the better for you. A company that offers a longer warranty has every confidence in the product they are dishing out. This is a good thing for you the buyer.


How to ensure that your inflatable board lasts long

Proper care and maintenance are necessary for your board to last long. It is important to keep your board clean and dirt-free. If you take to salt water, it is important to rinse it down with clean, fresh water. when done, it is important to let your board dry before storing otherwise any water stored with it may degrade it overtime. In addition, mildew may grow as a result of stored water.

Avoid storing your board under direct sunshine at all costs. The UV rays will damage its body overtime. Don’t think that since it has a good UV coating then it is safe. With persistent storage under the sun, even the best UV coating will degrade!

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