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Is Stand up Paddle boarding good exercise?(low and high intensity)

Stand up paddle boarding is good exercise, it is a watersport that entails standing up on the board, balancing your feet, and using a long oar to propel yourself through the water. It can be a low-key exercise as you propel yourself through still waters, or it can be a relatively high-intensity exercise if you choose to paddle downwind at high speed, through challenging waters!


All in all though, stand up paddle boarding is a good exercise as it works on different parts of your body. It works on your arms as you propel using the oars, it works on your legs as you strive to keep them balanced on the board and it works on strengthening your cores.


Why you should try paddle board exercising

There are numerous reasons for trying stand up paddle boarding some of which include:

  • It is a low-intensity exercise. You may not feel that you are exercising but if done regularly, you will notice changes to your arms, legs and core. It can be a refreshing start to exercising as you will be exercising alongside beautiful nature. Of course, you can choose to make it high-intensity by paddling speedily on challenging waters with the waves coming at you!
  • You get to exercise anywhere you choose, whether it is on the lake, the river, or ocean, the choice is yours. You get to enjoy beautiful nature as you get some workout done.
  • It provides a total body workout. You get to work your leg muscles because you have to keep balanced on the paddle if you don’t want to risk flipping over! The first few times may be challenging as you may have to nurse stiff leg muscles, but with persistence, your muscles will thank you! You also get to work on your back as well as your arms and shoulder muscles. Last but not least, the core and abdomen also benefit from a paddleboard workout.
  • It can help improve your stamina. Every time you paddle, you build your stamina; you strengthen your muscles and build your core strength. That stamina that you develop will also be useful on land.
  • It can be a good stress reliever as you get to watch beautiful nature float by as you paddle through glistering waters. In addition, paddling out in the open means that you get to enjoy the fresh air. All these work to improve your stress levels.
  • With continuous paddling and eating right, you will notice a reduction in weight. The more you paddle the more muscles you build. The more muscles you build the less fat you store away. All this is good for weight loss.
  • Since it is can be a low-intensity workout, chances of getting injured are minimized.

Ultimately, stand up paddle boarding can be a good exercise if you want to cut some weight and improve on your core strength and muscles. It can be a low-intensity paddle or a high-intensity one. The choice is yours. It is no wonder that this watersport has become popular in most places!

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