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Kayak vs. Paddleboard(Which is better and why)

You may be wondering which is better between the kayak and a pebble board. Which offers more fun? Which is the right fit for you? Both vessels are good for water sporting, however, deciding whether one is better over the other will depend on a few circumstances.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of each over the other to help you make a decision:


Why you should consider paddle boarding over kayaking

  • If you are looking for a fun way to get in some workout then you should consider paddle boarding. This activity will work your entire body. It will work your arms, legs, shoulders, and back. It will help improve your stability and strengthen your core strength.
  • In terms of activities, paddle boarding is more versatile than kayaking. For example, you can enjoy yoga on a paddle board and not on a kayak. You can also enjoy activities such as fishing, surfing, and racing on a board like you would a kayak, but with more speed and with better stability.
  • It is easier to learn using a board than it is a kayak. The boards provide the much-needed stability when out on the water. This makes them harder to tip over compared to kayaks. In the unfortunate event that you get tipped over, boards are easier to climb back on compared to most kayaks.
  • Paddleboards are not as heavy to carry when on land compared to kayaks
  • They also do not require plenty of storage space when compared to kayaks.
  • Paddleboards provide a better scenic view than kayaks since the rider is in a “stand-up” position enjoying as nature passes by. With kayaks, on the other hand, the rider has to remain sited thus limiting their sightseeing potential.
  • Paddle boards provide more freedom of movement. You can stand, sit, kneel, or lay down without much restriction.
  • Fishing on a paddle board is better than a kayak when it comes to visibility.
  • Last but not least, unless the kayak is designed to carry more people, you can’t add any people on a whim. Something which is not the case with paddle boards. You can bring your children, pets, family or friends on a paddle board.

Why you should consider kayaking over paddle boarding

  • Kayaks are faster than paddle boards. With the double-sided kayaks, there is no need to shift the blade from side to side as would be the case on the paddle board. This is because such kayaks come with a double-sided kayak paddle that doesn’t require lifting and pulling.
  • Kayaks, more so “sit-in” have more onboard storage compared to paddle boards. There are no covered areas to speak of on a paddle board.
  • Kayaks (sit-in) are better suited for cold weather conditions while boards are perfect for warm, sunny weather conditions.
  • Kayaks are more comfortable than paddle boards when taken on long distances.
  • When it comes to stability, although both vessels do provide some level of stability, kayaks carry the day with their low center of gravity.
  • Kayaks can be enjoyed even in windy conditions.

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